St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Need a little St. Patrick’s Day fun to make up for the rain? We saw this linked on Facebook and couldn’t resist. This is what happens when you set the Crip walk to an Irish tune. Could this be the start of a new gang? Crips combining with Celtics to form a gang called the […]

Prison Murder

Prison Murder

What led us to break this news about a prison murder? Last week we started to notice hits from Google from folks using the search term, “stabbing at Lieber”. We searched the news sites and Google and found no reference to a recent stabbing there. This evening we received an anonymous tip from someone claiming […]

Bond Reform

Bond Reform

  South Carolina legislators are patting themselves on the back for voting 96-0 on the issue of bond reform. The bill in question, S 19, has been highly touted as a cure all when it comes to revoking the bonds of repeat offenders. It is not. The changes to 17-15-55 actually change very little. Over […]

Captured – Tor Akil Gregory

ScreenHunter_4033 Feb. 24 17.08

We had this information up two weeks ago when we learned NCPD and CPD were looking for Tor Gregory on a number of warrants. The post was removed from the blog at the request of some of the officers who were looking for him. Now that he has been captured we are putting the post […]

A Perfect Example

A Perfect Example

The case of Lieber Correctional inmate Zachery Bookman serves as a perfect example of the problems faced by SCDC when it comes to prosecuting contraband offenses. SCDC is fighting a losing battle and your legislators and judges are not interested in helping. We talked about some of those problems when we clarified the South Carolina […]

News Update

We got a tip earlier today about a news update. It seems the “stand your ground” hearing for Cycle Gear murder suspect Ronald Reid is being held today. He is trying to claim self-defense in the murder of Maurice Horry at the Cycle Gear store on Dorchester Road last.  This should be interesting if the […]

Selective Reporting


We are not really that surprised to see selective reporting over at the Propaganda & Criminals. We normally don’t expect it from Andrew Knapp, though. They ran his article with the headline, “North Charleston police pursue man with beginner’s permit, point guns at wrong car”. Any opportunity to make the cops look bad, huh? We […]

More Georgia Bloods Behind Bars


Ths idiot with the big “B” tattooed between his eyes is Marion Laray Campbell. Here is a tip – he isn’t a rabid Boston Red Sox fan. No, that B represents his gang affiliation – Bloods. Campbell is locked up until 2016 at Baldwin State Prison on charges of aggravated assault and drug dealing. You […]

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