Jeremy Gunnells – Telfair State Prison

Jeremy Gunnells

Jeremy Gunnells is counting down the days to 31 March when he will be released from Telfair State Prison in Georgia. It’s a good thing he has his contraband cell phone to keep him busy while he’s counting down. Maybe if some citizen calls Telfair State Prison with this news they will be able to […]

Columbia Home Invaders Charged

Columbia Home Invaders

Two Columbia home invaders have been charged with a multitude of offenses. The home invasion and murder occurred at a residence on Brookfield road on February 4th. Twenty-nine year old Tresvon Coker was shot during the robbery and died three weeks later. On March 11th Kemani Devonte Archie was arrested and charged with two counts […]

Cowboy Dead Right There

Dead Right There

It seems we have a dead Cowboy  in Walterboro. Based on social media posts from friends and family one Daquan Lawton has assumed the Dead Right There status every thug glorifies and strives for. He will now be a hood legend. Well, at least for a couple of weeks. Authorities responded to a call of […]

Banga Busted by the Helix

Banga Busted

An interesting story of a banga busted by the DNA helix has surfaced. Vincent Rosheid Bowens was snatched up by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office after a tip led to his identification and a DNA match between Bowens and a mask recovered after the 1 November armed robbery of a Johns Island Subway restaurant. News […]

Hate Mail

Hate Mail

We received this little piece of hate mail from “Eugene DaProdigy Roper” early this morning.   Eugene thinks the self-cleaning feature in the hood is running on a small scale. Apparently he doesn’t read a lot of the Dead Right There posts or watch the news much. He wants to talk about mall shootings and […]

Bad Decisions

Bad Decisions

We normally only do stories about those with a confirmed thug history, but we decided to make an exception for this video. Why? Well, we are pretty fortunate this fellow’s poor decision making skills were brought to the fore before he was in a position to handle actual nuclear material. Definitely the wrong time to […]

Serial Heroin Trafficker

Heroin Trafficker

Local media grudgingly told you about the March 11th arrest of Edward Maurice Singleton for trafficking heroin. He was arrested with over an ounce of heroin at his Poplar Street home. The media failed to tell you the rest of the story.       Singleton has been a major heroin trafficker in the Charleston […]

Rashad Charjuan Owens

Rashad Charjuan Owens

We could do up a whole post about Rashad Charjuan Owens, but why duplicate an already great job of it over at His ties to South Carolina are tenuous, best, occasionally visiting his grandmother in Orangeburg. The local media is laying claim to him as South Carolina citizen. You know how they like to […]

Shootout In Lincolnville

Shootout in Lincolnville

  We received a citizen tip about a shootout in Lincolnville Wednesday evening. At about 7:45 p.m. on Boundary Street (by the ball fields) the citizen heard multiple shots from multiple firearms. Police arrived and secured the roadway from the ball field parking lot to the Armory. We will give you one guess which gang […]

Young Gunnas Get Got

ScreenHunter_4392 Mar. 13 07.10

Two members of the Young Gunnas gang neighborhood social group have been arrested for assaulting and shooting at some apartment complex maintenance men. Laquan Bryan and Dartez Ferguson were causing problems at Dorchester Gardens Apartments, 5600 Dorchester Road, when they were advised by the maintenance men to leave the property. Reacting in typical thug fashion […]

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