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Just keep it to yourself.  If you can’t, feel free to drop a line.  I can’t promise we will receive or even read it, but take a shot.  You never know where it will end up!


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Here is sample of what we see on a daily basis:


hate mail

If by “disrespectful” you mean telling the truth, then, yeah, we are.


ScreenHunter_4421 Mar. 13 20.02

If by “different story” you mean actual facts, then, yeah, we do.


ScreenHunter_4422 Mar. 13 20.02


Even the elderly thug supporters hate us. If by “somebody kids” you mean criminally inclined offspring, then, yeah, okay.


ScreenHunter_401 Jan. 07 19.35


Nice to see we can get the blood boiling!


ScreenHunter_653 Feb. 01 08.12


Oh, come on! You knew that one was coming.



ScreenHunter_1232 Apr. 05 16.54


No, we go after the criminal element. Of course, the true racists always show their colors while expressing their discomfiture caused by someone speaking the truth.



ScreenHunter_2687 Nov. 14 20.13


This one advocating murder was posted by an employee of Charleston County. She thinks CTL is run by cops and suggested shooting cops with an AK-47. Nice!




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