Wanted – Corey Raymond Heyward


WCSC put up a story on a subject wanted by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office. They told you his name – Corey R. Heyward. They told you he was wanted for thousands in back child support and for stealing a trailer and pawning it in another person’s name. There were, however, two things they didn’t […]

Making Connections

Jimmie Harris, Jr.

Andrew Knapp of the P&C gives you an extensive article on the shooting of a federal witness in a drug investigation in Walterboro. We read it and instantly started making connections. According to Knapp and investigators involved in the case, a North Charleston thug was paid $10,000 by defendant Martin Louis Ballard to carry out […]

Wanted by NCPD

CAPTURED     NCPD is looking for 50 year old Max Cave. He is wanted in reference to the snatch and grab from the Walgreens on Remount Road on Thursday evening. He then led officers on a wild chase to the King Street Extension where he wrecked his car and fled on foot. We looked, […]

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