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Sentencing – Darius Green

Back in February of 2013 we told you we would watch for the sentencing of Darius Green. Unfortunately, we got sidetracked and never got back to it. We will rectify that now. Darius Green was charged with stabbing to death Walmart employee David Moultrie. Green and Moultrie apparently got into an argument in the parking […]

Cycle Gear Murder

Cycle Gear Murder

The much anticipated Propaganda and Criminals article on the 2013 Cycle Gear murder and sham self-defense hearing of Ronald Reid has been published. As we expected it is highly sympathetic to Ronald Reid. Not surprising in light of prior coverage by the P&C, who now seem to have added local attorneys to the group of […]

Tim Montez Wright

Tim Montez Wright

How many of you remember the big press conference held by CPD Chief Mullen in January regarding the arrest of Tim Montez Wright, aka Timothy Montez Wright? If you need a refresher and want to review Wright’s rap sheet, you can visit out post about it.       It seems Tim Montez Wright, a […]

Baby Basher Sentenced

ScreenHunter_959 Feb. 25 16.16

Baby basher Derek Stilson has been sentenced. We are still trying to figure it out, though. In February of 2013 Stilson made the news when he was arrested for spiking his crying infant like a football to make it stop crying. He waited two days before seeking medical help for the child. Stilson was initially […]

The Fix Was In

How do we know the fix was in during the recent “stand your ground” immunity hearing for murderer Ronald Reid? Well, we have received plenty of correspondence from folks who watched the three day hearing. First some background for those folks new to Charleston Thug Life. In June of 2013 two members of the Real […]

Hood Entrepreneur

Hood Entrepreneur

When a hood entrepreneur puts together a start-up we like to point it out. The cousin of Michael Juan Smith seems to have gone into business, possibly to raise money to pay Smith’s lawyer. Smith is the Columbia gang member who shot and paralyzed USC student Martha Childress in Five Points last October. He was […]

Johnathan Clayton – Update

Johnathan Clayton

We profiled Johnathan Clayton after he was involved in a vehicle pursuit with NCPD officers, one of whom he tried to run over before fleeing. We found out he has additional criminal charges under the first name “Jonathan”. Let’s review the update. In 1999 Clayton was charged with Grand Larceny of a Motor Vehicle. He […]

Sumter County Murder Case Update

Jerry Ballard

We thought we would give our readers an update on a Sumter County murder case from May of 2012. Actually, this post updates two cases we covered in 2012. We first wrote about the murder of drug dealer Antonio Dixon on May 21st of that year. On 12 November, 2012 we responded to comments of […]

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