Banga Busted by the Helix

Banga Busted

An interesting story of a banga busted by the DNA helix has surfaced. Vincent Rosheid Bowens was snatched up by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office after a tip led to his identification and a DNA match between Bowens and a mask recovered after the 1 November armed robbery of a Johns Island Subway restaurant. News […]

Serial Heroin Trafficker

Heroin Trafficker

Local media grudgingly told you about the March 11th arrest of Edward Maurice Singleton for trafficking heroin. He was arrested with over an ounce of heroin at his Poplar Street home. The media failed to tell you the rest of the story.       Singleton has been a major heroin trafficker in the Charleston […]

Dual Dead Right There

Dead Right There

A drivers license checkpoint in North Charleston has resulted in a dual Dead Right There incident that effectively rids the City of Charleston of two serial robbers. These guys are associated with the gangs known as Romney Street Goons (RSG) and Young Goons. You can even throw in the Romney Street Killers (RSK). When D’Angelo […]

Benjamin Lavon Smalls

Benjamin Lavon Smalls

Charleston police have charged Benjamin Lavon Smalls with a 29 January armed robbery at Plantation Oaks Apartments in West Ashley.  Smalls and an as yet unnamed cohort robbed a man at gunpoint for his cell phone and car keys. They then stole the victim’s car. Let’s review the criminal history of this twenty-three old thug […]

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