Prison Murder

Prison Murder

What led us to break this news about a prison murder? Last week we started to notice hits from Google from folks using the search term, “stabbing at Lieber”. We searched the news sites and Google and found no reference to a recent stabbing there. This evening we received an anonymous tip from someone claiming […]

Inmate Network in South Carolina

Inmate Network

Instead of posting one inmate a time we thought it might be interesting to show the inmate network in a few posts. We will start this inmate network with a guy we have previously profiled. The last time we profiled Lavelle Richardson he was at Kershaw Correctional with a fifteen year sentence for voluntary manslaughter […]

Lieber Correctional Inmate – Lanell Goodwine

Lieber Correctional Inmate

Lieber Correctional inmate Lanell Goodwine was sentenced to two concurrent 12 year sentences on convictions for armed robbery and attempted robbery in Charleston County. He is eligible for parole in 2023. On October 14th, 2010 Goodwine and co-defendant Jozeph Gosh Lemon robbed an employee of Hege’s restaurant at gunpoint. They then went on a spending […]

Clarification of Contraband Laws

Clarification of Contraband Laws

We have to to put up a clarification of contraband laws as they apply to SCDC. In a recent post we mentioned that Section 24-3-950 makes possession of contraband a felony. As a result of our misunderstanding it might have appeared as if we were taking shots at SCDC for not prosecuting inmates for possession […]

Lieber Correctional Inmate – Will Schiavone

Lieber Correctional

Lieber Correctional inmate William Schiavone was first profiled in these page in September of 2013. You can find him on Thugbook at “Will Schiavone“. He is a serial property offender from York County. He was sentenced to a total of sixty-one years on a variety of charges, unfortunately they were set to run concurrently so […]

Tyheem Henry Update

Tyheem Henry

On September 8th, 2013 we profiled Lee Correctional inmate Tyheem Henry. In light of our upcoming 2nd anniversary we thought we would update you on the fallout from that piece. First, a little background for our newer readers. Tyheem Henry was, and is, a member of the Gangster Disciple/Folk Nation gang from the Riverside area […]

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