Ted Ramey – Ware State Prison

ScreenHunter_4492 Mar. 15 20.34

Ted Wesley Ramey is serving a 25 year sentence at Ware State Prison in Georgia. This Gangster Disciple/Folk Nation gang member feels abandoned and is wallowing in self pity. Awwww! Someone should drop a note to Ware State Prison so they can make sure he is doing okay. We wouldn’t want him breaking up his […]

Jeremy Gunnells – Telfair State Prison

Jeremy Gunnells

Jeremy Gunnells is counting down the days to 31 March when he will be released from Telfair State Prison in Georgia. It’s a good thing he has his contraband cell phone to keep him busy while he’s counting down. Maybe if some citizen calls Telfair State Prison with this news they will be able to […]

Inmate Network

inmate network

Just to illustrate the dangers of cell phones in prison we decided to point out an inmate network we found in Georgia. It took took us all of five minutes of searching social media to find this little contraband coffee klatsch. While this one seems rather benign to most folks, the potential danger posed by […]

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