Young Gunnas Get Got

ScreenHunter_4392 Mar. 13 07.10

Two members of the Young Gunnas gang neighborhood social group have been arrested for assaulting and shooting at some apartment complex maintenance men. Laquan Bryan and Dartez Ferguson were causing problems at Dorchester Gardens Apartments, 5600 Dorchester Road, when they were advised by the maintenance men to leave the property. Reacting in typical thug fashion […]

Young Goon Got Bagged

Young Goon

Young Goon gang member De’Andre Murphy has been snatched up by the police again. Since we have been keeping track of the Young Goons gang this is the second or third time he has been arrested with a firearm in his possession. Murphy is sixteen years old, but he has been claiming Young Goon and […]

Cowboy Money Gang – Again

Cowboy Money Gang

We haven’t paid much attention to Walterboro lately. We plan to rectify that in light of all the gang violence occurring there. Recent news reports have informed you about a failed drive-by shooting. What those reports failed to tell you is the shooters arrested were members of the Cowboy Money Gang. We have profiled a […]

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