Hate Mail

We received this little piece of hate mail from “Eugene DaProdigy Roper” early this morning.


Hate Mail

Eugene thinks the self-cleaning feature in the hood is running on a small scale. Apparently he doesn’t read a lot of the Dead Right There posts or watch the news much. He wants to talk about mall shootings and conveniently forgets the killing of three mothers in the black community on New Year’s Day 2014 for which no one has been charged, thanks to a lack of help from his “community”.

Hey Eugene, here’s a photo of the last mall shooter. You don’t see this in the mainstream media because they have an agenda.



Darion Aguilar

Darion Aguilar



Eugene isn’t actually an impartial contributor. He is a friend of the two serial armed robbers who crashed their car and burned up while fleeing police. Oh, well, it wasn’t actually their car. They took it from the grandmother of one of their baby mommas without her knowledge.

Eugene made one of those “mistakes” we often hear about in the hood. In 2011 he was charged with strong arm robbery. The 9th Circuit Solicitor dismissed that charge in 2012, of course. Since then, much to his credit, Eugene seems to have stayed out of trouble. He says he is studying at TTC and seems to be able to speak comprehensible English. That probably comes in handy over there at Iqor.

Eugene tells us our services here at CTL are “not needed or cared for”. Of course, he is only referring to those in the criminal community who don’t like having their activities exposed. Oh, and maybe some solicitors. The rest of the community begs to differ and believes we offer a vital service.

He must have been wallowing in self-pity when he sent that message to us. Here is a little diatribe he wrote at about the same time and posted to his wall. Excuse Eugene if he sounds just a bit racist, but, you know, he is black and everyone who isn’t is holding him back.


ScreenHunter_4423 Mar. 14 07.20


Hey, Eugene – the only group sending young black men to the mortuary is young black men. You can try to put a racist spin on it all you want, but facts are facts. You have to tune out the racist drumbeats planted in your brain by the the NAACP, Jackson and Sharpton. Stop making excuses for the criminals in your community just because they are black.

Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Alphonso Jackson, Alveda King and Tim Scott didn’t fall for that bullshit. Neither did John Ridley when he wrote this piece for Esquire Magazine in 2006. Don’t know who John Ridley is? He is the black guy who just won the Academy Award for best adapted screenplay for the movie “12 Years a Slave”. Click the link. Give it a read. Or don’t. Ridley is probably just an Uncle Tom racist, too. Right?

One last tip, Eugene. Since the solicitor saw fit to dismiss that robbery charge you should take the necessary steps to get it expunged. It seems to be the only blot on your adult record. Until you do that, no one can blame any employer for not wanting to hire you.




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  1. I have been reading a lot of your posts. My question to you and your association what are you doing to help these young men. My God wake up every morning acknowledging that one mistake can put me behind bars. Do you ever go out to a bar and have a couple of drinks and then drive home. God granted you traveling mercy. So before you point your finger at others check yourself. Do you have children growing up that could make and do make mistakes. The very people who judge these young people are criminal. I do not see their face on your page. You are entitle to your opinions but always remember you are one step away from being behind bars yourself. I will pray for you who ever you are.

    1. What exactly are you calling “a mistake”? We are not condemning those that mistakenly go 45 in a 35 zone, or mistakenly write a check for 5 dollars more then you thought you had in your account, or change lanes without using a signal, etc. We are talking about those that have dozens of arrests for drug dealing, violent crimes, thefts, etc. Those ARE NOT mistakes. Is it a mistake to shoot into a home in the middle of the night and kill a little girl? No. How about shooting into a crowd of college students and paralyzing a young woman? No. How about arrest after arrest for dealing drugs and bragging about it flashing the proceeds on Facebook? Again, no. There are mistakes and then there’s blatant disregard for the law and what is right and wrong. One of these “mistakes” won’t put me behind bars because of one simple fact – I know right from wrong and REFUSE to do something that will put me in that position. I will never be one step away from prison. I don’t understand what you want us to do for these young gang members. We work, pay our taxes, give to charities, etc. A lot of us volunteer our time to our communities. In the past we’ve established that we are coaches, church youth group leaders, scout leaders, big brothers/sisters, etc. We have even had someone offer his services as a big brother to a woman’s son and she said they weren’t interested. I guess you and I have two different views on what a mistake is. You may view shooting an innocent young woman or child as a mistake. I don’t.

  2. Helluva day to be talking about neglecting children when it was on of his “brothers” that bit the nose off his own child along with cracking it’s skull just yesterday.

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