Dual Dead Right There

A drivers license checkpoint in North Charleston has resulted in a dual Dead Right There incident that effectively rids the City of Charleston of two serial robbers. These guys are associated with the gangs known as Romney Street Goons (RSG) and Young Goons. You can even throw in the Romney Street Killers (RSK).

When D’Angelo (aka Deangelo) Walker drove up to the SCHP checkpoint he decided to keep on going. He and his passenger Lauquez Lincoln led police on a vehicle pursuit down Azalea Drive. Walker smashed up his Dodge Stratus when he failed to negotiate a turn, resulting in the pair achieving the much vaunted Dead Right There status all thugs seek. You can look at their criminal history below and take an educated guess about why they were running from police.

To their credit, officers were able to free Walker from the wreckage. Lincoln was entrapped and the body had to be cut free by firefighters. Apparently there is a video out there taken by someone who drove by the scene after Walker had been freed. The thug community seems to think police should have magically levitated Lincoln from the wreckage and ordered him to start breathing again. They are upset this didn’t happen and there are some threats floating around out there directed at NCPD, even though it wasn’t their incident or their scene.


Dead Right There

Dead Right There



You can find Lauquez Lincoln, aka Grape, using the Thugbook name “Reck Less“. Rather ironic, isn’t it?

You can find D’Angelo Walker, aka Geez, using the Thugbook name “RomneyStreet Geez“.

In January of 2012 Lincoln was charged with Unlawful Possession of a Pistol, Possession of a Stolen Pistol, and Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol. He was released on a total bond of $25,000. These charges were still pending at the time of his death.



Dead Right There ScreenHunter_4370 Mar. 11 19.11 ScreenHunter_4370 Mar. 11 19.12 ScreenHunter_4371 Mar. 11 19.12 ScreenHunter_4372 Mar. 11 19.12 ScreenHunter_4373 Mar. 11 19.12


In August of 2012, while Lincoln was out bond, Walker and Lincoln decided to form a home invasion crew. They hit a house on Staffordshire Drive. Each was charged with Armed Robbery, Burglary 1st Degree, Kidnapping and Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime. Walker picked up the extra charge of Possession of a Stolen Pistol.

Those charges were dismissed in January of 2014 because the “victims” had a change of heart and refused to cooperate with prosecutors.

While they were out on bond on those charges Walker and Lincoln decided to commit another robbery in April of 2013. They were each charged with Kidnapping and Armed Robbery.

Those charges were dismissed on 4 March, 2014 due to the “victim” having a change of heart and deciding to stop cooperating with prosecutors.

See a trend there?



ScreenHunter_4368 Mar. 11 19.10 ScreenHunter_4369 Mar. 11 19.10 ScreenHunter_4369 Mar. 11 19.11


In February of 2014 Walker was charged with Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol and Possession of a Stolen Pistol. He was released on a bond of just $50,000 in spite of the charges pending at the time.



ScreenHunter_4373 Mar. 11 19.15 ScreenHunter_4374 Mar. 11 19.15 ScreenHunter_4375 Mar. 11 19.15 ScreenHunter_4376 Mar. 11 19.15


Let’s see what is being said about the incident in the thugosphere.


Yep. Cops never save anyone.



ScreenHunter_4361 Mar. 11 18.16



And…..racism is 3…..2…..1……



ScreenHunter_4362 Mar. 11 18.17 ScreenHunter_4362 Mar. 11 18.22 ScreenHunter_4363 Mar. 11 18.22 ScreenHunter_4363 Mar. 11 18.26 ScreenHunter_4363 Mar. 11 18.29



And we have Ernie handing out some sage advice about how to help out all the homies who are riding dirty.



ScreenHunter_4363 Mar. 11 18.32 ScreenHunter_4363 Mar. 11 18.33 ScreenHunter_4363 Mar. 11 18.35 ScreenHunter_4364 Mar. 11 18.35


You have to admire their ability to blame everyone except the two dumbasses with no driving skills and serious criminal records who chose to run. We have come to expect nothing less.

From Lincoln’s page.



ScreenHunter_4366 Mar. 11 19.05

ScreenHunter_4363 Mar. 11 18.27 ScreenHunter_4364 Mar. 11 19.04 ScreenHunter_4364 Mar. 11 19.05 ScreenHunter_4365 Mar. 11 19.05


From Walker’s page.



ScreenHunter_4383 Mar. 11 19.34 ScreenHunter_4384 Mar. 11 20.56


There you have it, folks. Two violent serial offenders. The justice system couldn’t take them off the street for very long. Good thing the hood has a self-cleaning feature that works well from time to time.

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  1. Truthfully, I felt relief when I saw the headline stating “Dual Dead Right There”…what a sad commentary on our world today. I’ve explained my opinion on running from random license checks privately but this just shows again how dangerous they are not only to law enforcement but to the lawless faction as well. I surely wish I had the answer to fixing this out of control problem but when I see facebook posts and pictures of “children” throwing gang signs with the encouragement of their parents I feel as if our society is doomed. How do you battle against family traditions taught from birth???

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