Cycle Gear Murder

Cycle Gear Murder

The much anticipated Propaganda and Criminals article on the 2013 Cycle Gear murder and sham self-defense hearing of Ronald Reid has been published. As we expected it is highly sympathetic to Ronald Reid. Not surprising in light of prior coverage by the P&C, who now seem to have added local attorneys to the group of folks they are willing to write propaganda for. This article reads more like a press release from the office of attorney Andy Savage. Our opinion of Andrew Knapp took a huge hit with this one.

We get to hear all about Ronald Reid and what a great guy he is. Of course, you don’t get to hear anything at all about Maurice Horry other than the fact he was present at the store, shot some folks and he is now dead. If you didn’t know anything about this story you would infer Horry was the criminal here. Let’s read a pull quote describing Horry.

A friend of the customer met them in the parking lot. He had a gun. He fired, killing two motorcyclists and wounding Reid as he tried to run away.

What was Horry thinking, just meeting folks in the parking lot and firing away at completely innocent people like that?

Of course, that isn’t the way it actually happened, but when it comes to our courts and our media facts are nothing but inconvenient things to be manipulated, distorted or ignored. Kind of like the part about Reid being shot in the side of the leg while trying to “run away”. He was actually shot in the front of the leg. Hard to run away from someone when you are facing them. Reid is such a great guy, though, he has probably mastered the ability to run backwards. You aren’t supposed to notice the sentence that tells you Reid was running toward Maurice Horry at one point. Oops! Wonder how that one got past Andy Savage and his fellow editors at the P&C.

That little fact begs the question – if Reid had no idea what was going on and wasn’t involved in the dust-up in any way, why was he running toward an innocent guy, wearing the colors of a rival motorcycle club and standing by his motorcycle in the parking lot? Just another of many inconsistencies in this case that has turned the issue of self-defense upside down.

Like the part about Reid jumping on his motorcycle to follow his fellow gang members across the street after some perceived act of disrespect by Horry and Haymond, but being completely in the dark as to why they were racing over there. Or the part about Reid entering the store and conveniently failing to notice the beat down being administered to Haymond by six to seven fellow gang members.

Reid claims he didn’t participate in the brawl inside the store. Then he claims someone hit him and he shoved back. Well, which is it? Did he participate or did he not participate. Sounds to us like he did. Unless he was hit by one of his motorcycling pals and shoved his homeboy. Doubtful.

We are told by Knapp that Wheels of Soul president Tyre Rouse “tried to calm everyone” after all of that highly disrespectful engine revving from Horry and Haymond. Interesting. The prez was allegedly trying to calm everyone down and keep them from going after the pair. Hmmm…..Reid says he didn’t know why why they all saddled up and raced across the street. He never heard anyone say they were going to confront or assault Haymond and Horry. Reid also states he never heard any effort by the president of his club to talk them out of it prior to their departure. We call bullshit on that. Members of these clubs don’t do anything the president of the club tells them not to do.

The other stunning thing about the allegation Rouse tried to calm everyone down is that later in the story we are told Rouse was standing over Horry watching him die and proclaiming, “Fuck him.”

Which version seems more realistic? Before you decide, head over to the Charleston County Clerk of Court database and check out Tyre Rouse’s criminal history. His arrest record is quite extensive. The same cannot be said for his convictions, though. He has been the beneficiary of the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s hug-a-thug program since at least 2004. We will deal with that in an upcoming post.

Normally, we would just chalk this whole affair up to thug on thug violence and call it a day, but there are a number of issues in this case we feel should be addressed.

Horry and Reid were both members of groups classified as outlaw motorcycle clubs. A quick Google and YouTube search would tell anyone exactly what those “clubs” were all about. Both Reid and Horry knew exactly what might happen when they signed on.

First, you may be wondering why guys with no significant criminal histories would affiliate themselves with known 1% motorcycle gangs? Well, thanks to shows like Sons of Anarchy romanticizing and glorifying that sort of activity, a lot of interest has been generated. These guys no longer want to be part of organizations like Harley Owners Group or regular guy motorcycle clubs. They want the prestige they think comes with wearing that three piece patch and hanging around with guys who have a “1%” patch on their vests.

Why would these outlaw clubs want members or support clubs with no criminal history? That’s too easy. Due to the criminal records of many in those gangs, like Tyre Rouse, they don’t want to be caught with weapons. Having guys like Horry and Reid who can still legally carry firearms and even qualify for a CWP allows them to have firearms at the ready without risking state or federal firearms charges. When you hear the term “support clubs” you should consider what type of support they provide. We just gave you one example.

We have been told by various sources since late 2013 the decision in this case had already been made. That bothered us. Despite the fact that Horry and Haymond were members of a 1% club they still have the right to go shopping without being assaulted. Just like you.

The main issue here, and the reason we decided to get involved beyond our usual Dead Right There post, is the effect this case will have on self-defense in South Carolina if it is allowed to stand. Judge Young has basically told everyone in the state they can attack someone else over any perceived slight. In the eyes of Judge Young, when that victim takes steps to defend himself – steps provided for under the law – things turn 180 degrees. The attacker now becomes a victim and can get away with murdering the person he attacked by claiming self-defense under the precedent set by Judge Young.

We find it suspiciously convenient that this decision coincides with the news release that eighteen South Carolina Democrat legislators are trying to repeal or change the self-defense law in the state. What could help that cause more than a judge muddying up the waters with a decision like this? Don’t believe it? Think it’s just a coincidence? Then you don’t know how South Carolina politics work. Watch how it plays out.

We will close out this post by linking to a couple of videos for the motorcycle gangs involved, Outcast and Wheels of Soul. As you can see they make no secret of what they are about. You probably already know this, but….not safe for work…..not kid friendly.












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  1. I’m a little perplexed by this one, it seems there were some ego-issues and pride/thuggery involved from every possible angle, but still kind of like something that shouldn’t have ever escalated beyond the old-school playground brawl, if even that far.

    I admit to not being in possession of all the facts about this case, and I’m in nearly full agreement with your characterization of the P&C, but I’m still kind of bothered at how CTL jumps directly at the guy claiming self-defense…

    The “he started it” thing stops mattering once the bullets start getting exchanged, and once there’s lead flying around, EVERYONE in the vicinity has a pretty legitimate reason to fear their life might be in imminent danger, and therefore also has the natural right to try and survive. Even if they’re an asshole.

    But like I said, for one thing I admit that I’m largely ignorant about this case; and for another, the coverage here on CTL reads even more like bias-slanted propaganda than the P&C does on its most blatant Brian Hicks columns.

    I factor that’s OK, CTL isn’t really expected to be an unbiased media source anyhow, and it’s not like anyone really expects impartiality from the traditional media these days, either. The phrase “journalistic integrity” is mostly a running joke in the news industry. Except maybe at the P&C, where they’re still trying to figure out what those words mean or how they’re pronounced.

    (love the site in general BTW, this one just confuses me. dunno, must have missed a vital part.)

    1. You want to appear as if you are pro-CTL then you take a slap at us. It’s curious how you admit to being ignorant of the facts (and apparently of the law) yet you want to call us more biased than the P&C. We jumped on the criminal behavior. That is how we choose which side is right and which side is wrong. No worries, though. We don’t take it personally. We will explain it to you. If you would actually read the pertinent statute the “he started it” thing has everything to do with it. Reid and his gang were engaged in the unlawful assault of Horry and Haymond who were in a place they had a right to be in and were behaving lawfully. Your reasoning is quite faulty. Horry and Haymond had every right to defend themselves, whether they were members of a 1% motorcycle gang or not. Just like you would if you were assaulted and placed in fear for your life or of great bodily injury. Pop over to our last post on this issue. It went up Friday. Click the link to the home invasion story out of Columbia. By your reasoning, the home invader who killed his victim was perfectly justified in doing so because he feared the victim would pull his gun and shoot him.

  2. Wow, maybe I came across differently from how I intended to, I really wasn’t trying to “take a slap” ant anyone, and I’ve always kind of liked the site.

    I was mostly just expressing my puzzlement about this story, complete with a pretty open admission that I really don’t have a lot of facts about it. A little surprised to get a response at all, especially one that seems a little hostile.

    My reference to bias was commenting on the tone of this one story, not a blanket condemnation or anything, hell, I like this site… You sort of have to admit the writing sometimes is a little slanted, it wouldn’t be very entertaining if it didn’t.

    So I offer my apologies if someone got riled up unnecessarily, but the criticism was intended as minor, and kind of offhanded, the bigger thing I was pointing out was my own failings at really understanding this one.

    So if ya’ll feel it necessary to go on the attack against my failure to “get it” when that’s the very thing I brought up in the first place, have at it, I guess… My skin isn’t so thin I can’t take it, I admitted it already.

    1. Like we said, we don’t take it personally :) If you are saying we are slanted toward the rights of those obeying the law and slanted against the criminal – we are okay with that. No attack necessary.

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