Tim Montez Wright

How many of you remember the big press conference held by CPD Chief Mullen in January regarding the arrest of Tim Montez Wright, aka Timothy Montez Wright? If you need a refresher and want to review Wright’s rap sheet, you can visit out post about it.



Tim Montez Wright


It seems Tim Montez Wright, a career criminal, was free on a $150,000 bond on an attempted murder charge when CPD arrested him again in January on charges of Trafficking Cocaine and PWID Cocaine Near a School. Chief Mullen used Wright as the poster boy for what was wrong with out bond system and pushed for the passage of the then heavily redacted S 19, a bill your legislators claimed would reform the bond system.

Unfortunately for Chief Mullen no one else in the system seemed to be as concerned as he was. Judge Linda Lombard gave Wright a total bond of $100,000 on those two new charges and he was released on bond four days later and Chief Mullen promptly forgot about his poster boy for bond reform.


Tim Montez Wright ScreenHunter_4336 Mar. 09 18.19 ScreenHunter_4337 Mar. 09 18.19 ScreenHunter_4338 Mar. 09 18.19


Wright was free on a total of $250,000 bond when he was arrested yet again on 12 February, 2014.  He was charged with PWID Marijuana by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office. Judge Lombard, who had given Wright the $150,000 bond on the attempted murder charge and the $100,000 total bond on the two narcotics charges in January, handed Wright a $100,000 PERSONAL RECOGNIZANCE bond on the distribution of marijuana charge.

Just when we thought Lombard was displaying some common sense she goes and does something that makes us think she’s a bit senile. Apparently she either failed to recognize Wright, failed to review his pending charges and criminal history, or maybe she decided to just give the finger to Chief Mullen with regard to his bond reform poster boy. Either way, it doesn’t matter, because Wright is back among you folks.


ScreenHunter_4338 Mar. 09 19.16 ScreenHunter_4338 Mar. 09 19.17


Three days after Wright walked free on his PR bond he was cited by SCHP for speeding more than 25 mph over the limit. Some cops will lock you up for reckless driving at those speeds. The Trooper probably figured it wasn’t worth his time given Wright’s history in bond court.


ScreenHunter_4338 Mar. 09 18.20


Someone did try to revoke the poster boy’s bond on the attempted murder charge. As you can see from the record below, a judge denied that request.

As your poster boy for bond reform continues to run free rest assured nothing will change. The change in the bond law isn’t really a change at all. We will address this issue in an upcoming post.


ScreenHunter_4335 Mar. 09 18.18

Don’t you citizens feel safer now? Maybe Chief Mullen can hold another press conference to let you know the system has failed again.



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