Three Dead In Pelzer, SC

On March 5th three people were murdered and one wounded in a violent scene in the town of Pelzer. The dead are identified as “Hank Eaton“, Victor Vandegrift and Wanda Renee Anderson. The wounded victim is identified as “Tara Hendricks“. Hendricks is connected to both Eaton and the killer on Facebook.

The suspect in the shooting, identified as “Jared Williams“, led police on a high speed chase. He was captured after crashing his stolen truck into a residence. Reports indicate Williams and his girlfriend, Hope Phillips, were at the home of Eaton and Vandergrift on Law Road when an argument erupted and Williams opened fire.

Everyone involved in this incident has prior general sessions court convictions. Eaton had convictions for CDV and failure to stop for blue lights. On his Facebook page he claims to have been a Marine with ten years in “special forces”. He liked to talk about kicking asses.

Vandergrift has priors for DUI and drug possession. Hendricks has a priors for owning a dangerous animal and use of a vehicle without permission. Anderson has convictions for false information to police and filing a false police report.

Suspect Hope Phillips has a prior arrest for use of a vehicle without permission. Jared Williams’ record is a bit more serious.

In 2004 he was charged with Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime, and Armed Robbery.

He was sentenced to ten years in prison in April of 2005. He was released in 2012.


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Pelzer, SC

Hope Phillips



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