Inmate Network in South Carolina

Instead of posting one inmate a time we thought it might be interesting to show the inmate network in a few posts.

We will start this inmate network with a guy we have previously profiled. The last time we profiled Lavelle Richardson he was at Kershaw Correctional with a fifteen year sentence for voluntary manslaughter after shooting a 57 year old man in the chest in 2007. The 9th Circuit Solicitor pled his murder charge down, of course. Now he is at Allendale Correctional. After our last profile he tried to change his Thugbook name. You can now find him using the name “Russledale Savagelife“.


inmate network ScreenHunter_4281 Mar. 06 16.20 ScreenHunter_4281 Mar. 06 16.21


As you can see, his disciplinary record covers just about everything.



ScreenHunter_4282 Mar. 06 16.21 ScreenHunter_4283 Mar. 06 16.21 ScreenHunter_4284 Mar. 06 16.22 ScreenHunter_4285 Mar. 06 16.22 ScreenHunter_4286 Mar. 06 16.22 ScreenHunter_4286 Mar. 06 16.23 ScreenHunter_4287 Mar. 06 16.23


We are pretty sure you folks are happy to hear Richardson isn’t stressing about having killed someone.

The next person in Richardson’s inmate network is Micheal Jeter. We first profiled him in May of 2012. He is currently serving his eleven year sentence for voluntary manslaughter at Ridgeland Correctional. He and a thug by the name of Michael Dunham murdered fellow thug Anthony Gambrell on a North Charleston street in 2004. The community will be happy to know Jeter will be released in June of 2014. You can currently find his Thugbook page under the name “Bamma B DaGod Jeter“. He was charged administratively in January with possessing a cell phone. That hasn’t stopped him, though.


ScreenHunter_4287 Mar. 06 17.12 ScreenHunter_4287 Mar. 06 17.13


After our last profile Jeter cleaned up his page a bit. He posted this image just before SCDC popped him with his cell phone in January.


ScreenHunter_4287 Mar. 06 17.20

Next in the inmate network is Rickey Swinton. We profiled him in April of 2012 without realizing he was in prison. In fact, that post was one that showed a baby covered in drug money that shocked citizens of the Lowcountry. He is now doing a total of seven years for convictions out of Berkeley County on charges of Trafficking Methamphetamine and 2nd Offense Possession of Crack Cocaine. He is currently at Evans Correctional. You can find his Thugbook page under the name “Sic Dopeboy“.



ScreenHunter_4288 Mar. 06 17.28 ScreenHunter_4289 Mar. 06 17.28 ScreenHunter_4290 Mar. 06 17.28 ScreenHunter_4287 Mar. 06 17.27 ScreenHunter_4288 Mar. 06 17.27


The next inmate in the network is one we first profiled in January of 2013 when he was using his contraband cell phone at Lee Correctional. His name is Kenneth Jerome Butler. Now he is serving his seven year sentence of Assault With Intent to Kill at Allendale Correctional. You can find his Thugbook under the name “Da Trap“.


ScreenHunter_4290 Mar. 06 17.56 ScreenHunter_4290 Mar. 06 17.57 ScreenHunter_4291 Mar. 06 17.57


Butler doesn’t put much on his wall, but he does like to comment on posts put up by others, which tells us he still has a contraband cell phone in his possession.


ScreenHunter_4291 Mar. 06 17.58 ScreenHunter_4292 Mar. 06 17.58 ScreenHunter_4292 Mar. 06 17.59


This is just one of many inmate networks established and maintained across numerous correctional facilities through the use of contraband cell phones.




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