Lee Correctional Inmate – Jamell Rashawn Hyman

Lee Correctional inmate Jamell Rashawn Hyman was first profiled on CTL in September of 2013. He is serving a 15 year sentence on a Marion County conviction for Criminal Sexual Conduct With a Minor, 2nd Degree. He isn’t up for parole until 2022. Good think considering all the public masturbation he engages in.


Lee Correctional Inmate ScreenHunter_4210 Mar. 02 13.22 ScreenHunter_4210 Mar. 02 13.23


Hyman was using the name “Mailmane Rollin’” when we first profiled him. He thought he would slick by changing the name on the page to “Yogotti Whiteworld” and locking down his wall. It takes more than that to lose us.

As you can see, Hyman is still using a contraband cell phone to update his page. He updated his photo albums just this past Tuesday and Wednesday.



ScreenHunter_4207 Mar. 02 13.12 ScreenHunter_4208 Mar. 02 13.12


Keep trying, Jamell.





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