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Andrew Knapp of the P&C gives you an extensive article on the shooting of a federal witness in a drug investigation in Walterboro. We read it and instantly started making connections.

According to Knapp and investigators involved in the case, a North Charleston thug was paid $10,000 by defendant Martin Louis Ballard to carry out a hit on cooperating witness Ivory Brothers. He was shot multiple times in June of 2013, but survived. Investigators say the North Charleston thug hired to murder Brothers is a fellow by the name of Jimmie Harris, Jr. This is where the connections come into play.



Wanted – Jimmie Harris, Jr.


We found the involvement of Jimmie Harris, Jr. quite interesting because we have been looking at him since 1 January, 2014 when three women were shot in North Charleston. Two of those women died. Those shootings occurred on Aintree Street, Niagara Street and Ventura Drive.

We were told by those who know that Jimmie Harris, Jr. is the step-son of Janet Royal, who was shot to death at about six in the morning while answering a knock at the door of her home on Niagara Street. The word in the hood is that Harris was at Club Crucial on New Year’s Eve and took a severe beating at the hands of one of the sons of the woman who was shot on Aintree Street at about five in the morning when she answered a knock at her door. Based on social media connections, it appears Harris is also connected to the family of the deceased woman who was shot to death while answering a knock on the door at her home on Ventura Avenue. Making those connections even more interesting is that the daughter of that murder victim is connected via social media to three members of the Cowboy Money Gang in Walterboro, to wit, “Cow Boy Stewie“, Cowboy Gunna“, and “Jylin Ford“. That could be quite significant or it could just be a coincidence.

Jimmie Harris has a Thugbook page you can find HERE. He was posting on a regular basis prior to the new year, but hasn’t put anything up since 30 December, 2013. Let’s take a look at some of his postings before we get into his criminal history.

We can’t help but wonder if either of these firearms were used in the June shooting or the New Year’s Day violence. We also wonder if they were provided to him so he could carry out the hit.


Jimmie Harris, Jr. ScreenHunter_4248 Mar. 03 16.39

ScreenHunter_4247 Mar. 03 16.38 ScreenHunter_4248 Mar. 03 16.38 ScreenHunter_4249 Mar. 03 16.39 ScreenHunter_4250 Mar. 03 16.39



Here he is telling you he is in the A1 convenience store at Dorchester Road and Ranger Drive, high on molly and he has his gun with him.



ScreenHunter_4250 Mar. 03 16.41 ScreenHunter_4250 Mar. 03 16.42 ScreenHunter_4250 Mar. 03 16.43


Maybe we should conduct a review of Harris’ criminal history to see if he is allowed to possess those firearms according to state and federal law.

2006 Charges:

Lynching 2nd Degree – Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor in a plea deal.



ScreenHunter_4251 Mar. 03 17.09 ScreenHunter_4251 Mar. 03 17.10


2007 Charges:

Assault & Battery With Intent to Kill – Pled guilty. Sentenced by Judge R. Markley Dennis to seven years in prison in 2008.

Based on this conviction it appears Harris is prohibited from possessing those firearms by both state and federal law. Maybe the President will send Eric Holder to the Lowcountry to take them from him. Oh, wait, that’s right, he isn’t a law abiding legal gun owner so he won’t be a target of their gun banning and confiscation efforts.



ScreenHunter_2933 Jan. 02 05.45 ScreenHunter_2934 Jan. 02 05.45


There is no truth in sentencing in South Carolina. Harris was out of prison in less than five years. One month after he is alleged to have carried out the contract hit in Walterboro he was arrested in Charleston County.

2013 Charges:

PWID Cocaine – Pending – Free on $10,000 bail set by Judge James Gosnell during a bond reconsideration. Harris bonded out in November of 2013.

Possession of Methamphetamine – Pending. Included in the bond above.

Harris was also charged with a probation/parole violation in July of 2013. No status listed, but if he bonded out of jail in November it doesn’t look like he was violated for very long.

He was also convicted of a probation/parole violation in March of 2013, but that isn’t listed at the clerk of court site. Once again, the salient point is he obviously was not sent back to prison.


ScreenHunter_2934 Jan. 02 05.46 ScreenHunter_2935 Jan. 02 05.46 ScreenHunter_2936 Jan. 02 05.46 ScreenHunter_2937 Jan. 02 05.46 ScreenHunter_4250 Mar. 03 17.08 ScreenHunter_4251 Mar. 03 17.08


2014 Charges:

Possession of Marijuana – Found guilty by Judge Ellen Steinberg. It appears he failed to show up for court, but the record doesn’t indicate a bench warrant was issued.



ScreenHunter_4251 Mar. 03 17.09


Well, there you have the connections between an attempted contract killing in Walterboro and the shooting of three women in North Charleston on New Year’s Day, two of whom died. Maybe Harris will open up about the New Year’s Day violence in an effort to save his ass once he is in federal custody.




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