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Meet “Contyro Hamilton“. Yeah, that’s his actual name. He was a convicted of a variety of offenses in 2008 and ended up with a total of twelve years for armed robbery. A sentence of twelve years for a violent offense in South Carolina equates to a total of ten years. Hamilton is serving his sentence at Allendale Correctional and is a pretty prolific poster to his Thugbook page.

Before he was an Allendale inmate Hamilton perpetrated a home invasion on Barnwell Avenue in North Charleston where shots were fired when one of the victims decided to fight back. Police found Hamilton in a nearby trailer with the stolen wallets and the .45 caliber handgun used in the robbery.

Of course, there were a lot of other charges involved, like three counts of AWIK which were all dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor who gave Hamilton one of her well known sweet plea deals. No reason to put this violent guy in prison for thirty or forty years when twelve years should teach him a lesson. A lesson he obviously had not learned before despite being given two years probation by Judge R. Markley Dennis just six months before the robbery. That probation was for failure to stop for blue lights and resisting arrest, which the 9th Circuit Solicitor pled down from Assault on a Police Officer. Oh, and the 9th Circuit Solicitor also dismissed the possession of a stolen vehicle charge.


Allendale Correctional


Here’s his number. Give him a call. Maybe some correctional officer will hear ringing from Hamilton’s ass.


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Hamilton says he plans to delete his page on Sunday, but apparently still plans to keep his cell phone.


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Guess what, Contyro. You just caught a case! Gee, it’s a good thing you didn’t put your business out there, you sly dog, you!


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We never seem to have a shortage of these idiots, do we?




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