Month – March 2014

Breaking the News

Breaking the News

  Matt Long of South Carolina Radio Network reports on the murder at Lieber Correctional Institution we first wrote about on 11 March, 2014. As far as we can tell Matt Long and SCRN are the only media outlet to pick up the story. CTL was given credit for breaking that bit of news. We […]

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Need a little St. Patrick’s Day fun to make up for the rain? We saw this linked on Facebook and couldn’t resist. This is what happens when you set the Crip walk to an Irish tune. Could this be the start of a new gang? Crips combining with Celtics to form a gang called the […]

Serial DUI Killer

Serial DUI

Well, we guess you gotta kill an innocent three year old before anyone gets serious about the fact that you are a habitual DUI offender. Here is three year old Josiah Jenkins, the victim of a serial DUI driver in Columbia.   Lonnie Gross III was out on bond for a November DUI arrest in […]

Hearings This Week

Leonard Riley

There are a number of bond reconsideration/reduction hearings this week. We will address the ones that concern us the most. Citizens can use the contact form at the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s website to comment on these hearings or call the victim/witness advocate.     As part of the new Charleston Thug Life we will make […]

Ted Ramey – Ware State Prison

ScreenHunter_4492 Mar. 15 20.34

Ted Wesley Ramey is serving a 25 year sentence at Ware State Prison in Georgia. This Gangster Disciple/Folk Nation gang member feels abandoned and is wallowing in self pity. Awwww! Someone should drop a note to Ware State Prison so they can make sure he is doing okay. We wouldn’t want him breaking up his […]

Jeremy Gunnells – Telfair State Prison

Jeremy Gunnells

Jeremy Gunnells is counting down the days to 31 March when he will be released from Telfair State Prison in Georgia. It’s a good thing he has his contraband cell phone to keep him busy while he’s counting down. Maybe if some citizen calls Telfair State Prison with this news they will be able to […]

Columbia Home Invaders Charged

Columbia Home Invaders

Two Columbia home invaders have been charged with a multitude of offenses. The home invasion and murder occurred at a residence on Brookfield road on February 4th. Twenty-nine year old Tresvon Coker was shot during the robbery and died three weeks later. On March 11th Kemani Devonte Archie was arrested and charged with two counts […]

Cowboy Dead Right There

Dead Right There

It seems we have a dead Cowboy¬† in Walterboro. Based on social media posts from friends and family one Daquan Lawton has assumed the Dead Right There status every thug glorifies and strives for. He will now be a hood legend. Well, at least for a couple of weeks. Authorities responded to a call of […]

Banga Busted by the Helix

Banga Busted

An interesting story of a banga busted by the DNA helix has surfaced. Vincent Rosheid Bowens was snatched up by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office after a tip led to his identification and a DNA match between Bowens and a mask recovered after the 1 November armed robbery of a Johns Island Subway restaurant. News […]

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