Sumter County Murder Case Update

We thought we would give our readers an update on a Sumter County murder case from May of 2012. Actually, this post updates two cases we covered in 2012. We first wrote about the murder of drug dealer Antonio Dixon on May 21st of that year. On 12 November, 2012 we responded to comments of one of Dixon’s cadre of thug supporters in a post titled “God Forgives, We Don’t“.

Dixon was murdered in an obvious drug related robbery. His body was found with a lot of cocaine and a bunch of cash. So much cash, in fact, the authorities had to use a money counting machine to add it all up. Dixon was no small time street corner dealer.

In July of 2012 we profiled a thug by the name of Jerry Ernest Ballard. At that time, Ballard had just been released from prison after serving three years. In 2009 the 1st Circuit Solicitor pled an ABWIK charge down to ABHAN and Judge Diane Goodstein sentenced Ballard to three years.


Jerry Ballard

Jerry Ernest Ballard


In 2012 Ballard was involved in a string of convenience store robberies. He fired at one clerk, but had the tables turned when he ran into an officer working off-duty security in another store. Unfortunately, Ballard was able to duck the lead fired at him by the officer and get away.

NCPD, CPD and GCPD all charged Ballard in 2012 for a total of six (6) armed robbery or attempted armed robbery charges, six counts of possession of a weapon during a violent crime and one count of attempted murder for firing at a store clerk. It shouldn’t be too hard to convict Ballard since he basically confessed at his bond hearing.

All of the charges in the 9th Circuit were dismissed by the solicitor in January because Ballard was indicted for these crimes in the federal system. Good thing, too. If he had chosen to plead guilty Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston would have given him two years probation on each charge and set it to run concurrent. Let’s hope the feds put him away for a while and show the Felon’s Friend what he is actually supposed to do.

Now we discover Ballard has been charged with the Sumter County murder of Antonio Dixon. It turns out the weapon used to kill Dixon during the robbery of his stash house was the same firearm Ballard was using to commit his robberies in the Lowcountry.

There could be more charges forthcoming in the Sumter County murder case given the fact that two accomplices were arrested with Ballard in the Lowcountry in 2012. We are sure SCSO is looking into those connections as well.

Candice Lajoy Collins was charged with three counts of armed robbery in Charleston County. She was indicted in the federal system and her state charges have now been dismissed.


Candice Collins

Candice Lajoy Collins


Clinton Elton Atkins of Detroit was charged in Charleston County with one count of Armed Robbery. He has been indicted in the federal system and the state charge has been dismissed.

Clinton Atkins

Clinton Elton Atkins


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