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Georgia Prison Inmate – Deangelo Walker

A prison inmate with a contraband cell phone and internet access can be a dangerous thing. We have hammered away at that issue since 2012. The problem continues unabated.

We found two Thugbook pages linked to the same Georgia Prison inmate and had to puzzle through them for a bit to find out who they belonged to. We checked the pages under the names “Demarco Walker” and “Dee Walker” and found the same photo of a child on each of them. That led us to believe both pages belonged to the same inmate.

The person who started the “Demarco” page originally used the name “Milton Walker” to sign up for the Thugbook account. We pulled up two Milton Walkers in the GDOC database. One was white. The other was born in 1958 and was too old.

We did find a Demarcus Walker in the GDOC database. He is incarcerated at Telfair State Prison on convictions for rape, forced sodomy and kidnapping. His picture was close, but doesn’t seem to match the photo on the “Dee Walker” page.  What do you think?


Deangelo Walker

Demarcus Walker

Demarcus Walker


It’s close, though. We did find Deangelo Walker, an inmate at Telfair State Prison. He is serving time for a statutory rape conviction. His photo is much closer to the photo of “Dee Walker” above.


Deangelo Walker Deangelo Walker

In addition, the “Demarco Walker” page tells us that person was born in Sylvester, Georgia, which happens to be in Worth County where Deangelo Walker was convicted.


Deangelo Walker


The “Demarco Walker” page was opened up in January of this year.


FB Date


More from the “Demarco Walker” page.


Deangelo Walker Deangelo Walker Deangelo Walker


The “Dee Walker” page was opened up on 19 February. Other than the photo of the child (which we won’t show here) the only other post was the photo you see above.


Deangelo Walker

And there you have it folks. That is how you look at subtle clues and determine the truth.

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