Month – February 2014

Johnathan Clayton – Update

Johnathan Clayton

We profiled Johnathan Clayton after he was involved in a vehicle pursuit with NCPD officers, one of whom he tried to run over before fleeing. We found out he has additional criminal charges under the first name “Jonathan”. Let’s review the update. In 1999 Clayton was charged with Grand Larceny of a Motor Vehicle. He […]

Wanted by NCPD

CAPTURED     NCPD is looking for 50 year old Max Cave. He is wanted in reference to the snatch and grab from the Walgreens on Remount Road on Thursday evening. He then led officers on a wild chase to the King Street Extension where he wrecked his car and fled on foot. We looked, […]

Tennessee Thugs

Let us introduce you to some Tennessee thugs. We found the story in the British press and decided to explore a bit. This incident involves the death of 13 year old thug Cartrail Robertson in Memphis. You can find his Thugbook page under the name “Trapboy Trail“. They certainly start their thugs off young in […]

Sumter County Murder Case Update

Jerry Ballard

We thought we would give our readers an update on a Sumter County murder case from May of 2012. Actually, this post updates two cases we covered in 2012. We first wrote about the murder of drug dealer Antonio Dixon on May 21st of that year. On 12 November, 2012 we responded to comments of […]

South Carolina Supreme Court v. Solicitors

South Carolina Supreme Court

After examining the dust-up between SC solicitors and a group of defense attorneys who support Justice Donald Beatty of the South Carolina Supreme Court, we have found only one bright spot. The defense attorneys defending him or, rather, in league with him, haven’t played the race card. Yet. That shoe might drop at any time, […]

SC Inmate – Darius Carter – Ridgeland CI

Darius Carter

We decided to take a break from all those Georgia inmates we found and let you know about a SC inmate. “Darius Cheezy Carter“, real name Darius Rajuan Carter, is an inmate at Ridgeland Correctional Institution. He was convicted of crack cocaine distribution in 2012 and maxes out his sentence in 2015.     The […]

Heather Elvis Case

Heather Elvis

By now everyone knows Sidney and Tammy Moorer have been charged with kidnapping and murdering Heather Elvis in Myrtle Beach. We are guilty of having been to busy to properly follow the Heather Elvis case. As we tried to play catch up we found were duplicating the efforts of another blog which has consistently posted […]

Selective Reporting


We are not really that surprised to see selective reporting over at the Propaganda & Criminals. We normally don’t expect it from Andrew Knapp, though. They ran his article with the headline, “North Charleston police pursue man with beginner’s permit, point guns at wrong car”. Any opportunity to make the cops look bad, huh? We […]

Meth Mopes on Parade

Whitney Sap

As long as these meth mopes are getting high they could care less whether they burn down your apartment building or blow up their car while sitting next to you at a stop light. Berkeley County authorities arrested Whitney Sapp and David Michael Barfield on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine and unlawful conduct toward a child. […]

Defending Scarlett Wilson?

Scarlett Wilson

We hope you folks are sitting down. We are about to do something you would probably never expect us to do. We are going to defend the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s Office and Scarlett Wilson. Stunner, right? We were made aware of a story over at the P&C about a group of defense attorneys filing complaints […]

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