Welcome To Lincolnville – Prologue

Most folks don’t think twice about Lincolnville. It is just another tiny town you can pass through rather quickly without even realizing it. Most longtime Lowcountry residents will recognize Lincolnville as the town where Constable Robert Bailey was murdered in May of 2007. The town may not be safe for regular folks, but it appears to be a safe harbor for the gangs infesting it.

Lincolnville was usually patrolled by one to three part time officers with help from State Constables like Robert Bailey. Well, until the town voted to disband the department in 2012 and hand over law enforcement duties to the Charleston County Sheriff’s Department. The old Lincolnville PD office is now a Sheriff’s Department sub-station. Lincolnville is on the outer fringes of Charleston County surrounded by Dorchester and Berkeley counties.

We started this weeks long, time and labor intensive research effort when we found an SCDC inmate with a Thugbook page. That inmate is from Lincolnville. We did our part as agreed and reported him to SCDC, then began poking around like we always do. What we found will shock many. Others will not be surprised one bit. The group we will cover operates in all three counties. If these guys were white and Italian the feds would be pursuing them for violations of RICO.

We all know there are certain police agencies that prefer to avoid the gang issue. The heads of those agencies downplay the associated criminal activity for a variety of reasons. It is rather difficult for towns like Summerville to keep pitching their “safe” neighborhoods and promote tourism if they admit there are gangs operating in and near the town. The current Dorchester County Sheriff prefers to downplay gang activity and blame crime on increased population in the county. We haven’t figured that one out, yet, as the gang members only went to the polls to vote for Obama.

We believe in letting you folks know what is actually going on in your communities, so let’s get started! Part one of our four part series on the Lincolnville gang will post thirty minutes after this prologue is posted. The other three parts will go up in one hour intervals.

An interesting side note: Some of the Thugbook pages linked in this series started disappearing at about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday evening. 


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