Month – January 2014

1st Circuit Follow-Up

After posting our story on the sweet plea deal given to Bradford Spells by the 1st Circuit Solicitor’s Office we thought it might be revealing to find out what kind of plea deals were given to his co-defendants, Ricky Demarkus Williams and Delani Franklin Simmons. We profiled their previous criminal histories in the original post. […]

Lincolnville Series Update #1

We have been informed by a reader that “Cluchh Duck“, who was listed as an unidentified member of the Gangter Disciples/Folk Nation gang neighborhood social group in our post Welcome to Lincolville – Part IV, is a fellow by the name of Brandon Spells. He was the one who plays basketball for Summerville High School. […]

The Same Tired Argument

Every once in a while we like to feature comments left by thugs or their supporters. The comment below was left on the epilogue of our “Welcome to Lincolnville” series by someone calling herself “1TiredBlackWoman”. She signed up for a Google account just to leave this poorly written jumble of “thoughts” as a comment. Go […]

Welcome to Lincolnville – Epilogue

In the previous four posts we covered a group of self-proclaimed Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation gang members. We captured and documented the evidence to back up the claims. That evidence was initially presented by the gang members themselves in the social media arena which is accessible to any member of the public willing to take a […]

Welcome to Lincolnville – Part IV

Next up in the TOL/CTJB/GD/F gang neighborhood social group is Demetrius Tarell Brown. He goes by the name “Miitrii Gee” on Thugbook. He turned 18 in September of 2013. Brown used to play basketball for Summerville High School, but he’s been a Cut Throat Jack Boy/TOL/GD/F since at least 2011. With this photo he claims […]

Welcome to Lincolnville – Part III

Welcome back to our feature on Lincolnville. Let’s jump right back into it. Our next Gangster Disciple/Folks/TOL/Cut Throat Jack Boy/Breadwinna Mafia gang neighborhood social club member is possibly Sean Equan McCants. You can find him on Thugbook at “Quan Thugga McCants“. He starts out right away with a Gangster Disciple message. Note: We were notified […]

Welcome to Lincolnville – Part II

At the end of our last post we said we would begin anew here with (c)rapper Christopher Drain. Let’s start with his criminal history. 2003 Charges (Charleston County): PWID Marijuana – Pled down to Possession Over 1 Ounce by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Sentenced by Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston to 113 days time served, […]

Welcome to Lincolnville – Part I

It is rather surprising what you can find with just a bit of poking around. At first we thought we had just found another inmate with a Thugbook page and a contraband cell phone to report to SCDC. After doing just that we poked around on his page a bit and discovered a lot of […]

Welcome To Lincolnville – Prologue

Most folks don’t think twice about Lincolnville. It is just another tiny town you can pass through rather quickly without even realizing it. Most longtime Lowcountry residents will recognize Lincolnville as the town where Constable Robert Bailey was murdered in May of 2007. The town may not be safe for regular folks, but it appears […]

Another Shooter Out on Bond?

Word has it Keith Alextruss Williams will be released on bond today. You might remember Williams. He shot up the Game Room in Ladson on December 20th, 2012. Sure will be nice to have him back on the streets, won’t it? Williams’ co-defendant, Antonio Pierre Deweese fled the Lowcountry after the shooting and was found […]

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