Gang Activity in North Charleston

You know, every time we mention a gang like Summatown Bound, Romney Street Killaz, Young Goons or Young Gunnas, the thug supporters come out in droves to tell us, “They aren’t a gang. It’s just a neighborhood group.” Yeah, sure.

Read on for a summary of all the shooting Tuesday that occurred Tuesday night. This is stuff the “news” media either won’t give you, or don’t bother to dig into because they really don’t know how to do any respectable investigative reporting. 

On Wednesday we morning we broke the news that “Madden Block Mook“, aka Daqone Lance, had been arrested for firing shots all over town. We have posted about Lance on several occasions. If you missed them you should read this prologue to our posts on the Young Gunnas vs Young Goons feud. You will learn that Lance was charged in the murder of Taron Maybank on Bonds Avenue back in 2010. Maybank was a member of the Young Goons. Lance was given a sweet deal by the 9th Circuit Solicitor and pled guilty, as a juvenile, to Accessory After the Fact. One of his co-defendants, Derrell Green, was sentenced in 2011 to forty years for the murder.

The action Tuesday night started at about 6 p.m. on Read Street, off of Remount Road. Several homes and cars were shot up. The target of that shooting appeared to Tyriq Maybank. He is a cousin of the murdered Taron Maybank and a member of the Young Goons. The Young Goons are known to hang out at one of the residences on Read Street which was struck by bullets.

About an hour later a house and car on Marietta Street were lit up with about twenty shots. This residence is known to be frequented by Tyriq Maybank and Deontre Maybank, another Young Goons member.

At about 11p.m. an officer on a traffic stop heard shots fired in the Ten Mile (Redline) area. That is a residential area bordered by Remount Road and Rivers Avenue. The officer responded and observed a vehicle speeding away. When the officer tried to stop the vehicle, the driver failed to yield. Spike strips were used to end the pursuit and Daqone Lance was taken into custody after fleeing on foot with two other black males. The other two thugs were not located. Officers located an AK-47 pistol and a .40 caliber handgun. These firearms are believed to have matched evidence found at the shooting scenes. Word is this shooting was targeting another Goon related individual, possibly a female, but all the shooters succeeded in doing was damaging property and almost killing an elderly home owner.

We got a citizen tip this morning that an incident from 29 November might have something to do with all those bullets fired at Young Goons. It seems someone going by the name “Dre Hillboii Live” got his shit stomped on 29 November at a club called Show Tyme on Ashley Phosphate Road. Yes, it is another of those problem clubs. Dre claims “YCOR” as his “rap label”. This group is known to associate with the Young Goons. We haven’t got a name on Dre yet, but back in January he claimed to be wearing the number 22 for Fort Dorchester’s basketball team.

You folks at Dorchester District 2 might want to check out his social media stuff before letting him back on the team. You might find some gang related stuff, some “racist” language and some drug use going on there. Just the kind of person you want playing on your team and representing your school, huh?

The following day Dre posted this missive to the fellow thugs who whipped his ass.

A fellow by the name of “Lo B DA IG” (translation: Little B The Island Goon), real name Brandon Rashawn Brown, participated in the beating. He also refers to himself as “street savage”.  Brown is a member of another gang we have mentioned before in these pages, the “Island Goonz”. This gang claims kinship with the Young Gunnas and Daqone Lance. Brown spent a considerable amount of time posting about the beating he and his boys gave to Dre.

On his way to the club.

The first admission of a beat down and he names the crews involved, Island Goonz, Romney Street and Madden Block. Of course, regular readers know the Madden Block crew is also the Young Gunnas crew.

Brown admits to trying to stomp Dre’s brains out.

Still talking.

Going directly at Dre.

Brown wants to change his career path.

Declaring his allegiance to Daqone Lance and his Young Gunnas.

If this incident at Show Tyme is actually what set Lance off and sent him on his Tuesday night shooting spree we have to ask one thing. Why didn’t he run up into Liberty Hill and start blasting? We suspect Lance and his boys were a little too pussified to engage over there. That is a pretty closed-in neighborhood and those streets make for difficult escape routes when you have to do a drive-by like a little bitch rather than face your issues like a man.

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