Month – November 2013

Let It Snow……Um…..Rain Lead

Sure has been a violent couple of days in the hood. It all began Wednesday night with a stabbing on Hillendale Road in the Pepperhill subdivision of North Charleston. It seems a couple of fellows were having a discussion about who was the baddest dude back in high school and who could beat who back […]

The Silence is Deafening

We generally tend to support our law enforcement officers, particularly the front line troops. However, we have recently noticed a disturbing trend when it comes to news coverage of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office. Or rather, the complete lack of any such coverage. Apparently the current Sheriff there, Wayne DeWitt, has a bit of a […]

Oopsie in Berkeley County *Updated*

We got wind of some scuttlebutt out of Berkeley County that BCSO personnel are putting in some unwilling overtime to search for a female inmate mistakenly released from the jail. We are trying to get more details and will let you know when we do. In light of recent news out of Berkeley County we […]

‘Codone Crackas Captured

Cops call the holiday season “armed robbery season”. Usually the suspects are after cash earned by other people. These idiot crackas wanted pills instead. Brian Laing Brian Laing was snatched up for robbing a CVS on Maybank Highway. His distinctive tattoos were visible to the victims and the video. Laing isn’t too bright, so why […]

DRT on Tedder Street

While we were busy there was a home invasion on Tedder Street in the Ashley Heights subdivision. For those folks unfamiliar with the neighborhood, Tedder Street is the continuation of Stall Road after it crosses Ashley Phosphate. The old Stall High School is in that neighborhood. Many years ago this was a middle class area […]


Has it really been eleven years since SPD lost William Bell and BCSO lost Eugene Wright? It does not seem like that much time has passed. Thanks to the reader who pointed out this sad anniversary to us.

Johns Island Blood Arrested

The Propaganda & Criminals is reporting that 30 year old Jeremiah Levon Pinckney has been charged with a Wadmalaw home invasion and robbery which occurred on 30 October. Regular readers will know the P&C has it wrong. Pinckney was born in 1992. He is 21 years old, not 30. But hey, Dave Munday is allegedly […]

This Is Just Becoming Important?

So, legislators recommend and politic for the folks they want appointed to the bench in their area. Then they argue cases before those judges. Who would have thought that would cause an ethical quandary? Well, every citizen with common sense, that’s who. The cure for this, according to Camden Democrat Vincent Sheheen, is to have […]

Lawyer Funding & Protection Act

The Propaganda & Criminals has finally decided to run a story about Paul Thurmond’s bill, S-700. Andrew Knapp did a good job pointing out the problems with the bill, which is why we linked to the story. We sure wish there was a decent alternative to the P&C that Andrew could go to work for. […]

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