Month – October 2013

Now We Have Heard It All

We were reading some recommendations from the “bond panel” slapped together by the Mayor of Columbia, SC after some high profile incidents involving repeat offenders constantly being released to prey upon the community. You can find the article at the website for The State. Mayor Benjamin threw the panel together in an effort to deflect […]

Exactly What We Would Expect

A reader posted this comment on another article, but we thought it deserved wider dissemination. This is the kind of response you get from elected officials who no longer feel responsible to you, the people they were elected to represent. Don’t forget, Scarlett Wilson ran unopposed in the last election. Do you think that was […]

DUI Review

We think we can safely say most folks around here are okay with cops enforcing DUI laws. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a problem with those laws, which, of course, were written by a number of defense attorneys serving in the state legislature. We are not aware of any other charge which state legislators […]

SCRN Article

South Carolina Radio Network put up a decent piece on the prison contraband problem earlier this month. With everything else going on, we just remembered the article was in progress. Matt Long did a nice job on it. Go give it a read.

Face, Meet Street, Street, Face

Hey, does this guy look familiar to anyone? No? That road rash must be throwing you off. How about now? Still not ringing a bell? Head on over to this post and refresh your memory about the fellow who was banging a prostitute in the shed at Home Depot on Northwoods Boulevard. That’s right, it’s […]

It Has Happened Again

Once again, we have to go to the British media for this sort of news. This time the incident occurred in Greenville, MS. Three thugs and a thugette robbed and murdered an 87 year old WW II veteran, Lawrence “Shine” Thornton. Take a look through the Thugbook page of thug Geblonski Dewayne Murray. It just […]

Food Lion Revisited

On 26 September we put up a post about the robbery of the Food Lion on Remount Road on 25 September. Suspect Ashley Michael Ireland was taken into custody shortly after the robbery and at last report is still behind bars at the Al Cannon Detention Center because he can’t make the $150,000 in bonds […]

Update – Derrick McKinley

On 8 October we reported Derrick McKinley was in Ashley Shores shooting at the brother of the guy he killed. He was let out of jail by Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston who set a ridiculously low bond on the charge of murdering Deshawn Zellars. According to what we have heard from people close to […]

Antwain Champaigne & Jordan Brown

Antwain Champaigne and Jordan Jamar Brown were arrested with Ishmel Lemon on burglary charges. Champaigne also caught a gun charge for bringing a firearm with him to the burglary. Both are no strangers to the lenient judicial process in the 9th Circuit. Antwain Champaigne 2006 Charges: Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle – Pled guilty […]

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