Month – August 2013

They Are At It Again

The Propaganda and Criminals is at it again with a story purportedly aimed at exposing the criminal history of Dead Right There hoodrat Travis Jerome Miller. Following their usual pattern they deviate from the headline to attack the police and skew the sequence of events. You can click HERE to read the story for yourself […]

Abraham Isaac Varns

Let’s talk about another beneficiary of the generosity emanating from the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s Office and our judges. His name is Abraham Isaac Varns, aka P-nut. He was arrested Tuesday morning for refusing to pay his cab fare, then pointing a gun at the driver and threatening to shoot her, thereby turning a refusal to […]

Calling out CPD

As you folks know, we call it like we see it. Truth is truth. You also know we tend to support our police officers. That is why we find writing this post a bit on the painful side, but – truth is truth. Most readers will remember our posts about a downtown Charleston shooting in […]

Brunswick Update #15

The attorney for baby killer and serial armed robber Demarquise Elkins thinks there should be more black people on the jury? Why? Because he hopes to get the same sort of jury nullification that O.J. Simpson got with regard to his charges. Elkins is on trial for the murder of infant Antonio Santiago, the shooting […]

Way to Go WCSC!

Channel 5 “News” is reporting that Dead Right There Travis Miller served some prison time in 2000. That would be a stretch, considering he was born in 1991 and would have been 9 years old at the time. Heck, they even mentioned he was only 22 years old. Does anyone proof read or fact check […]

Oklahoma – Just For the Fun of It

Most of you know about this story out of Oklahoma by now. Three black “teens” claim they were bored, so they found a white guy to shoot in the back. The victim, Chris Lane, was a baseball player from Australia in the U.S. on a scholarship. The national media is reporting this one, strangely enough. […]

CCSD Punted – We Pick It Up and Run With It

Want to bet this will piss some people off? We don’t really care. CCSD decided they wanted to play this game. Problem is, we don’t play. Double standards need to be exposed and this is just the first of many you will see during the 2013-2014 school year. “Joshua Kareem Lamont Gantt, State Champ” doesn’t […]


Media darling Peter Jenkins has been arrested yet again. He attacked a few people, even a police officer, at the Tiger Mart located at Rivers and Reynolds Avenue. Back in May we exposed the Propaganda and Criminals and Melanie “Bellicose Bellower of Bullshit” Balog for trying to make Jenkins an innocent victim when he initiated […]

Brunswick Update #14

We are willing to be you had no idea that baby murderer Demarquise Elkins was going to trial this weekend. American media doesn’t publicize these black on white/black on Hispanic crimes. You have to go to British media to get that information. Elkin’s attorneys have set up their defense – the parents had the kid […]

Don’t Shoot at the Cops, Dummy!

According to news reports there has been an officer involved shooting in North Charleston, but the Hanahan PD was the department involved. Apparently they chased a vehicle from Hanahan to Dakota Street. While officers were removing the four people from the vehicle one of them fled. WCIV reports that suspect fired fifteen shots at the […]

Way Harsh, Dude!

So, the three “real nigga” dope dealers who ganged up on and severely injured a much younger white kid who reported them for selling drugs at their “alternative” school got some pretty harsh punishment for breaking the victim’s arm, blackening both his eyes and causing various and sundry other injuries. It seems they got a […]

How About a Little Truth? *Updated*

Just thought we would do some research and put up a few links that give an opposing view to the relentless PR campaign being waged by the Capobiancos, their “family spokesperson” (who was eviscerated by Tara Servatius), their attorneys, Scarlett Wilson and now Sheriff Al Cannon. We normally profile street thugs, but political and legal […]

There’s No Business Like Ho Business

Pamelia Betty Jean Gravely was shot and killed near the Tanger Outlets at about 11 p.m. Monday night. You can find her Thugbook pages HERE and HERE. It has been reported she was an escort. We believe it. She signed up for Thugbook on that second link using the name “kinx4jynx”. Gravely has a prior […]

It’s Da Crackas Fault!

Well, it seems like “Smash DA Young Goon“, real name Devontey Bryant, has been arrested again. He was just released from a juvenile facility a few months ago. He was locked up on 8 August on a charge of Strong Arm Robbery. You may remember Bryant as one of the Young Goons we profiled. Some […]

You Are Invited to the Gangsta Get Down!!

There is a party vigil planned for the Dead Right There member of Summatown, Don’ta Pringle. It will be held 14 August. Pringle’s mother, Heather Pringle, told the Summerville Journal Scene the event was being held to bring attention to black on black crime. Take the kids out to enjoy the jump castle, dance to […]

No More Sympathy

So, Scarlett Wilson and CCSO are now involved in the Baby Veronica fiasco. A warrant has been issued for Dusten Brown, the child’s biological father, because he didn’t bring the child to a court ordered visitation. His reason? He was on National Guard duty.  We normally support law enforcement, but it seems there is always […]

Still Sending Yours to Public School?

In light of all the attacks in the news you might want to re-think that strategy. In this bus beating of a white student by three black drug dealers the authorities tell us race wasn’t a factor. Seems like they always tell us that unless the incident involves a white-hispanic defending himself. Can you imagine […]

Poor Jaton, So Put Upon

Another story you won’t see on the regular “news”. Remember Jaton Lamont Edwards who was arrested for displaying and possessing a firearm at Charlie O’s on Dorchester Road back on 29 July? We first profiled his criminal history HERE. It seems Judge Linda Lombard set a $50,000 bond for Pointing & Presenting a Firearm and […]


We were the first to report a shooting this weekend in North Charleston. We received information it was actually a murder, but “news” reports indicate the victim is still alive. We have received information he might not be alive for long, though. Jared Lavour Carson, of Discovery Drive, forced his way into an apartment on […]

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