Two Sides to Every Story

Yes, there are actually are at least two sides to every story. You wouldn’t know that if your only source of “news” is the local or national hit and run purveyors of personal and corporate agendas who call themselves “news media”.

A good example would be the recent kerfluffle involving Wild Wings Cafe. It seems a group of twenty-five people showed up at the establishment with no advance notification and had to wait for two hours as the establishment scrambled to accommodate them. According to the spokesman for the group, Michael Brown, aka Michael London, a white patron allegedly informed the server she was afraid of the group and didn’t want them sitting next to her. The spokesman alleges the group was refused service in order to accommodate the wishes of the white patron. Brown further alleges at least one member of his group has recorded evidence of the staff throwing them out.

Hmm….that guy in the capri pants & pink shirt kind of scares us. Capris? Really? Flame much?

 Sounds bad, doesn’t it? And it fits right into the agenda of traditional “news” sources like the Propaganda and Criminals and WCSC News who ran with the unconfirmed story like Usain Bolt striding for the finish line. National and international “news” organizations are now running the story – over and over and over again. Yet they all failed to ask obvious questions you would expect of a “journalist”. If the “reporters” did ask the appropriate questions, they apparently didn’t like the answers so they chose not to report them. Either way, it tells you all you need to know about your “news” media in the Charleston area. They were they ones who had access to the major player in this issue, after all.

The painfully obvious question is – where is the video the members of the group allegedly recorded? Brown told the media they had a video to back up his story, yet no one in the media thought to ask for a copy? Even the Propaganda and Criminals, who run to an attorney and cry whenever the police don’t immediately turn over a video to back up their story, failed to ask for the one piece of evidence that would have, according to Brown, provided definitive proof of his story.

Had we been reporting on the story we also would have asked Brown a few other basic questions. Why did he and twenty-four of his friends show up at an establishment, which is busy even on their “slow” nights, with no advance notice and expect to receive prompt seating? Are you that inconsiderate as a matter of course, Mr. Brown, or was this incident out of the norm for you? Did you expect the establishment to immediately clear out a section just for your group? You give the impression you were expecting preferential treatment from the start.

Most of us regular folks have heard enough of these types of allegations to know for certain there is much more to the story. Of course, Wild Wings hasn’t bothered to step up and defend themselves as a corporation. They haven’t learned that race mongers can’t be placated. The only thing that silences the hustlers is the truth. The worst part about a corporate entity trying to duck and hide is their employees are left out in the storm. Any attempts by those employees to rectify the situation and defend their own reputations is usually met with termination. Due to that fact the employees usually resort to dispensing their story anonymously.

You can read some additional facts of the story at this link. An anonymous employee puts forth the counter claim that the group was not sitting quietly while waiting to be seated at a table. Instead, they were being loud and obnoxious to customers and staff. The group apparently introduced race into the mix by complaining whenever a “whitey” was seated.

The group was also engaging in the typical talk you can hear everywhere now. “Nigga” this and “nigga” that. After a customer complained to a member of the staff the group was asked to refrain from such language. The reply to the staff? A racist diatribe.

So, the group that is lodging allegations of racism were complaining about “whitey” being seated and were vociferously throwing the infamous “nigga” around quite a bit. Hmmm…….racist much?

According to the anonymous employee this group was blocking the entry/exit area and refused to comply with requests to keep the area clear, telling management, “We can stand wherever we want.” Yeah….we think the fire marshal might have a bit to say about that one.

Wild Wing Cafe thought they could avoid dealing with this issue by offering free food to the sorely aggrieved group. Brown initially claimed they didn’t want the free food and he was standing on principle. He wants to dig a lot deeper into those corporate pockets. You see, in the past it has been very easy to extort huge sums of money from corporations by crying racism. Jesse Jackson has made his living that way for decades.

We thought corporations were finally getting wise to this tactic, much like a large portion of the American public who have discovered the best way to squash this type of extortion is to present the truth and expose those who engage in it. Based on the current stance of the corporation that now owns Wild Wing Cafe we see we were wrong. They would rather send out a PR flack, offer free food and let the world believe their employees are racist. Way to back up the people who work their asses off to keep your company in the black. Uh-oh, in the black….is that racist, too? They even failed to mention their black employees working that night deny the racism allegation.

You see, there is another area where the “news” media fell down on the job. Anyone who has ever entered a Wild Wing Cafe knows they have a fairly comprehensive video security system. Did anyone from the media bother to ask WWC corporate if they could watch the video from that night? Nah…it’s easier to run with the sensational racism story. After all, they have to stop people from talking about truly racist incidents.

You know, like the killing of a white-Hispanic baby in Brunswick, Georgia by two black teenagers, or the shooting of a white baseball player in Oklahoma by two black teenagers, or the beating death of an 88 year old WW II vet in Spokane by two black teenagers, or the rape of a white 12 year old girl by two black teenagers in Greenwood, Mississippi, or the rape/robbery/strangulation of a 93 year old white woman by a black teenager, or the 32 year old white woman in Pittsburgh who was severely beaten, robbed and called racial epithets by three black females aged 14, 15, and 16, or any one of dozens upon dozens of black on white race related crimes the “news” media won’t report and the police and prosecutors fail to acknowledge.

The media consistently tries to black out any reference to such crimes. It is rather pathetic watching the “journalism” profession circle the drain as they fail to face the fact they are no longer necessary in this age of alternate sources of information. The vast majority of people no longer have any trust or faith in the profession. It is easy to see why.

In addition to media failures we have to place blame squarely at the feet of the WWC corporation. We would have expected the powers that be over there to have their video ready to go in the event Brown decided to go public. Releasing that video the same day the story broke would have quashed this bullshit in a second.

Now there is a video going viral. It just isn’t the one Brown wanted to light up the internet. In this short section of the WWC video you see several black women engaging in the typical hysterics you have become accustomed to if you watch shows like COPS or The First 48. One of our readers refers to these histrionic displays as “Shaniqua Theater” and gave us permission to use the phrase from this point forward.

According to various sources on the web the white woman they are yelling at and threatening is actually deaf. Way to go, folks. Picking on the handicapped. Is that a hate crime? You can see that at least two of the females have to be physically dragged away from the victim. We are unsure at this time if the deaf woman stepped on someone’s toe as she tried to navigate the crowd blocking her path or if one of the black racists stepped on the deaf woman’s toe. If it is the former, even an accidental touch is a blatant form of disrespect in ghetto culture and can initiate a beat-down. If it is the latter, whitey shouldn’t have been in the way in the first place and deserved a beat-down for her indiscretion. Don’t judge, though, because it’s their culture don’t ya know.

We haven’t commented on this incident until now because we knew the truth would eventually trickle out. We have been following two Facebook pages related to the matter. The first is a page called “Boycott Wild Wing Cafe“. The page is frequented by the typical race hustler types who believe anything and everything a black person says about being the victim of racist, even if there is evidence to the contrary. Here is a typical post from there:

Anika’s page says she lives in Texas, so we are pretty sure she is extremely tuned in to the facts of this case in North Charleston. Just another bandwagon racist.

Bernard Elias is an “artist” from California, so he, too, knows what the truth is. He is actually just an effete white guy who bought into the old “white guilt” manta of the libtard party and believes whatever he is spoon fed. You can check out his page on your own and you will quickly understand why no one will miss California when it drops into the Pacific Ocean. Well, we would miss the sequoia trees, but that’s about it.

 Yeah, they had a chance to respond to the fraudulent allegation. Heck, they made the free food offer even after they had reviewed the video of the black racists causing a disturbance and ruining the Wild Wings experience for other customers. We just saw a minute or two of video. Imagine what the rest of it shows! Bernard thinks the deaf white customer should have just accepted what was done to her. What reason did she have to complain and fear for her safety? Damn, she couldn’t even hear the yelling and cussing so what does it matter?!! The manager hasn’t been fired because the video backs up the claims of the employees. If the corporation fires employees over this incident there will be some expensive payouts for ACTUAL wrongs and grievances. The contrived racial grievance of Brown and his group has now been exposed for what it truly is – a sad extortion attempt.

The second page is called “Boycott The Wild Wing Cafe Boycott“. Many of the same racists from the first page troll this page and post racist rants. They even have a black troll following in the footsteps of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. The first big problem he has with anyone taking him seriously is his misspelling of his chosen profession. His spelling – Reverand. Correct spelling – Reverend. Yeah, it’s like that. There is also the occasional breath of fresh air called truth. And the tellers of that truth just happen to be black. They are probably racist, too.

And then there are these two comments from the previously link at RadioFacts:

Now, how about someone starting a page that drills right to the heart of the matter. How about a “Boycott Wild Wings Cafe Until They Show Support for Their Employees and Tell the Truth”  page. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter. We won’t be going back until the corporation does the right thing for their employees.

CTL out.

Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • 33quadx

    Brilliant article, this piece explained the entire fiasco in perfect detail and the author should be commended for his stance on this debacle.

  • Capt. Rick

    His Facebook post read, “I will never go to Wild wings cafe in N. Chs again! We (Party of 25 family and friends) waited 2hrs, patiently and were refused service because another customer (White) felt threatened by us. This type of racial discrimination is unacceptable and we have to put a STOP TO IT. The manager looked me dead in the face and said she was refusing us service because she had a right to and simply she felt like it. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS ESTABLISHMENT…

    Nice move Wild Wings! It worked!

  • renebeany

    whoever started “Shaniqua Theater” is brilliant!! I will be using it frequently myself.

  • Just Stfu

    Now I get to eat Wild Wings and Skittles. YAY!!!

    • Patrick LLabbe


  • Bob White

    This is the best article I’ve read in a long, long time. It’s nice to be presented with all the facts. Excellent job!

  • 6a9278a8-11f5-11e3-9c0d-000bcdcb5194

    or any one of dozens upon dozens of black on white race related crimes the “news” media won’t report and the police and prosecutors fail to acknowledge.


    So naive and you don’t even realize it.

  • Blue4you

    Wild wings should be ashamed of themselves for trying to accommodate these race mongers

  • Covert_Creep

    Awesome post. CTL is a wonderful, wonderful public service and is filling a humongous void left by the old dinosaur media. Please keep up the good work, you guys are obviously having an impact, as evidenced by “Felon’s Friend” being called on the carpet and publicly confronted.

  • robert downey

    Shame on you. This article is more racist than the patrons you claim to be refuting. The layman might read this article and think it to be good writing when all you have done is add to the uneven climate by generating more distorted stereotypes to the discourse. Black racism against whites, bla bla bla. A critical eye can point out your horrible writing tactics that produce more issues than answer.

    No. I don’t live in North Charleston- begin your personal attack on my credibility. Although I did live in GC for 6 years, I’m sure that still doesn’t count in you book- continue your personal bashing instead of good journalism.

    No. I wasn’t there so I don’t know the full truth- only the people there know what really happened and at this point I don’t trust any of their thoughts, WW employees or these ‘racist’ patrons you speak of.

    Yes. Please check my facebook and try to find something that you want to personally bash me for and call it quality journalism. Or maybe I misspelled a word and that sucks away all my credibility.

    I do know what its like to live as a black man in a predominately white America. You won’t understand. Don’t try.

    I’d love to see a fresh prospective of this- perhaps dare I say a neutral voice?

    In the meantime, lest we forget Syrian children are being killed daily; there is a family member of your own that is hungry and homeless, unemployed or underemployed; your wife/sister was discriminated against based on her gender; one of your friends is dealing with cancer; your child was just bullied. But let us focus on this because there aren’t bigger issues in the world happening. Continue your personal attacks as long as it makes you sleep well at night.

    • _mike s_

      Says the douche that uses a guys name thats the posterboy for being clean but hes still in and out of rehab

  • Chas Thuglife

    As usual, the racist leaving the comment assumes everyone writing at CTL is white just because we expose the pervasive problem of violent crime in the black community. Oops! Your inner hatred is showing. Anything else you have to say is discounted by your obvious bias.

    • 6a9278a8-11f5-11e3-9c0d-000bcdcb5194

      just because we expose the pervasive problem of violent crime in the black community.


      Expose????? The violent crimes of the community are shown on the news on a daily basis. It’s the only thing being shown despite the positive things that occur.

    • Chas Thuglife

      Not true, actually. The news gives lip service to a few incidents, with no background details. Hit and run, as it were. You would be surprised at the number of incidents that go unreported. If you want to rely on the “news” just click away. Apparently you come here for the details you can’t get that there.

    • 6a9278a8-11f5-11e3-9c0d-000bcdcb5194

      I came here because I kept seeing the link being posted om FB. Yes some crimes go unreported but that happens across the board. Do you really think the news purposely glosses over crimes committed by black ppl? Why do you non blacks have such a fear of black people.

    • 6a9278a8-11f5-11e3-9c0d-000bcdcb5194

      LOL @ give lip service you can’t be serious

    • Chas Thuglife

      They do. You apparently haven’t been paying attention. What is the most often repeated request in the comment section over at WCSC? “Why don’t you report the race of the suspect – it might help in locating him.” They do that a lot, but it’s fairly easy to tell when the subject is black. Here’s an example of a news blurb for a black male from WCSC – “police are looking for a man who robbed two women on Market Street. He is described as 6’1″, 180 pounds, wearing blue jeans and white shirt.” Here is an example of a blurb for a white male suspect – “police are looking for a man who robbed two women on Market Street. He is described as a white male, 6’1″, 180 pounds, wearing blue jeans and a white shirt.”

      Not to mention the national media. If it wasn’t for Fox News (or us) you wouldn’t know that Demarquise Elkins shot a baby in the face in Brunswick, much less that he was convicted of the crime last week. That case is just one of many censored out of the news feed by the media you seem to have so much faith in.

      Once again you err in your racist assumption. “Why do you non blacks……” is how you phrased it, assuming everyone who posts here about black crime is other than black. You don’t realize it, but you have lost your argument before you even started. We know the standard position on violent crime in the black community is to pretend it doesn’t exist, e.g. NAACP, Jackson, Sharpton, etc. Those in the black community who try to publicize the problem are called names, ostracized, victimized and derided as being too white. Is it any wonder we choose a venue which lends a certain amount of anonymity to our efforts?

    • 6a9278a8-11f5-11e3-9c0d-000bcdcb5194

      The race of anyone is reported whenever there is a crime. Giving one example doesn’t change the fact that it happens all over this nation.

      No I didn’t need you or fox news to tell me that because I saw it on another board that I visit. Believe it or not it’s a forum that is predominately black and guess what they didn’t hide the news or avoid it. How was it censored when it was all over the place. It made national news and there were numerous articles written on it. Ppl from all races voiced their opinion and felt it was a vicious crime committed.

      Pretend it doesn’t exist??? You do know Al Sharpton is planning on going to Chicago and maybe even living there to get a grip on the violence that goes on right. The man might have his faults but he’s not pretending the problem doesn’t exist. I guess you missed all the stop the violence campaigns, million youth march, out reach programs, anti-gang protests, turn in your gun programs, and other things the black community does to get a handle on the situation. Just because you don’t hear about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

    • Chas Thuglife

      Sometimes it is. A lot of times it isn’t. The problem consists of more than “one example”. Try doing some basic research into the problem before trying to discuss it. Hell, even the producers of COPS have publicly stated they have to skew what actually gets on the air so it doesn’t seem like they are picking on blacks.

      Sharpton? Yeah, right. Until we do away with our false prophets in the black community nothing will change. Sharpton is a criminal and a scammer. He only cares about how many dollars he can stuff in his pockets. Jackson and family are the same.

    • 6a9278a8-11f5-11e3-9c0d-000bcdcb5194

      Does the first 48 skew what makes it on air as well?? I still find it funny that ppl think news outlets incidents when black people commit crimes. I say ppl because I’ve head this discussion before. Some folks want to make it seem like some conspiracy or cover up when it’s furthest thing from the truth. Day after day there are nothing but negative aspects of the black community promoted on tv. Gangsters, teen pregnancy, drugs, sex, etc and you think that the ills of my people aren’t on front street for the world to see. There is a difference between what you think and what’s real.

  • robert downey

    Never argue with a fool, cause from a distance no one can tell the difference.

    Continue to call people names- it shows your level of maturity and brilliance.

  • Chas Thuglife

    Good advice. You are dismissed, fool.

    • robert downey

      Dismissive of an educated and well thought out response- not surprised. It’s easy to deceive the blind masses. Please use your influence in positive ways instead of spewing such vicious nonsense. Next time, use your grownup voice.

  • robert downey

    Nice job of censoring your comments when it gets too real.

  • Patrick LLabbe

    I would like to urge allm y fellow Jews to boycott Wild Wing Cafe as a way of naking a Rosh Hashanah commitment. It is a Mitzvot worth doing!

  • Chas Thuglife

    We have approved every racist comment you have made here, Robert. We don’t have to censor – the other side makes our argument for us.

  • Capt. Rick

    Robert, stereotyping is supposed to be wrong but, there is a reason for it. Mostly because it’s based on facts. I find the great majority of people other than color in this country to be tolerant and polite. That includes Whites, Asians, East Indians, and mostly any other race. However, I find the majority of the Negro race in everyday interaction to be rude and obnoxious. Why are Jerry Springer and Maury Povich so successful with their shows? It’s because they exploit those very traits of the Negro community. 78% of Negro babies are born out of wed lock with no father in their lives to mentor them. Negros have a major cultural problem there. And with the the growth rate of no family values, the problem will be multiplied with each generation. I just got my CWP. The reason? Not because of the races in this country, but because I’ve seen members your race announce the annihilation of the white race. That sounds like the KKK in reverse. The problems of your race comes from within. The race card is played out. I for one, will not recognize it as a trump card any longer. Yes, I will say it, I am a racist. But only against Negros. And it’s only because Negros made me that way.

    • robert downey

      For the record I am mixed- I must hate my mom and dad. Capt. Rick, I respect people like you even thought I don’t respect your view. At least you are upfront about it and not labeling it as journalism.

    • 6a9278a8-11f5-11e3-9c0d-000bcdcb5194

      Negroes made you this way??? This is the classic it’s your fault not mine. It’s similar to a woman being forced into sex and her attacker blames her. “Hey don’t wear sexy clothes and I won’t force you into something you don’t want to do”

  • Road Warrior

    Let’s see a party of 25 descends on a popular eatery without reservations, demanding to be seated ASAP, are rude to surrounding diners and they expect premier service? Hahahahahahaha. Life is tough. Life is tougher when you ignore basic societal rules. For them to seat 25 in the same area, at the same time, on a busy night means that they will be moving tables around. Moving tables means that those tables must be empty. Since the 25 piggies demanded instant gratification (no reservations) and were rude to the existing customers, that means they go to the very bottom of the list.

    Perhaps next time they might consider making reservations well in advance for a party that large.

    • 6a9278a8-11f5-11e3-9c0d-000bcdcb5194

      Perhaps next time they might consider making reservations well in advance for a party that large.


      How can you make reservations at an establishment that doesn’t accept them?

    • Road Warrior

      You think. You contact the manager and discuss this with him. Businesses exist to make money. A business that is flexible with customers makes more money than one that isn’t flexible.

      You be polite and even offer up a credit card to hold the tables as 25 people is a very large group.

    • Road Warrior

      You think. You call the manager and make arrangements. Businesses exist to make money and a business that is flexible with their customer base makes more money than one that isn’t flexible.

      Giving a credit card to hold the reservations also goes a long way towards making something work that isn’t done normally (money talks BS walks).

      I place the blame on the 25 who walked in, not on the restaurant.

    • 6a9278a8-11f5-11e3-9c0d-000bcdcb5194

      I don’t thin…it’s been stated more than once that WWC does not accept reservations.

  • _mike s_

    these 25 are talking about the “leaked” video saying its only 2 minutes long and how about the rest of the 2 hours where they were peaceful…

    No shit you einsteins. the 2 minutes is where is shows the reason you were asked to leave. Its called “the meat and potatoes” if the footage. You should consider putting your assets in your grandmamamamamamas name because I feel an amazing lawsuit in the future

  • 33quadx

    Funny how Mike Brown never mentioned a disturbance on his original Facebook post or his TV interview on WCSC Live 5..(Live 5 is nothing more that race baiters) His version of events is what spread internationally without any merit. I wish Wild Wings could sue him for slander or defamation of some sort, but corporate America vs a black man would be interpreted as racism, and they probably are going to just let this die down. As for the video that shows acts of aggression from his party, when a prosecutor presents a crime to a jury they don’t show 2 hours of video, they show exactly when the crime took place. So keep in mind what you’re dealing with.