Month – August 2013

Get Over It

Well, it seems some folks have taken exception to us pointing out a fellow wearing capri pants and making a joke about it in a photo caption in this post. So, how do the brutally honest folks at CTL feel about that? We tell the PC whiners to pack sand. That’s the problem today, folks, […]

Electrifying Friday Night *Updated*

It seems Friday night was pretty exciting in Hanahan and North Charleston. A reader tells us a drunk fella from Florida with an extensive criminal record in at least two states was involved. The maggot involved is one Gary Ellison Johnson. He is allegedly an electrician who travels here to work. Sheesh! Now we are […]

Brunswick Update #16

A jury has convicted Demarquise Elkins in the murder of infant Antonio Santiago. Elkins and a co-defendant tried to rob the babies mother in Brunswick, Georgia. When the mother didn’t have any money Elkins shot the baby in the face. Elkins claimed membership in the Bloods street gang. The defense hung their hat on the […]

Two Sides to Every Story

Yes, there are actually are at least two sides to every story. You wouldn’t know that if your only source of “news” is the local or national hit and run purveyors of personal and corporate agendas who call themselves “news media”. A good example would be the recent kerfluffle involving Wild Wings Cafe. It seems […]

New Hood Term – Shedding

We were surfing The Drudge Report the other morning and saw a headline about two mopes getting busted for screwing in a storage shed on display at the store. We didn’t bother with the story and moved on thinking, “What kind of screwed up town is that!” Then we started getting emails about the story […]

Liberal Reality

So, the libtard Chief of the Spokane Police Department, Frank Straub, is now blaming 88 year old murder victim Shorty Belton for being murdered. Oh, wait…..the victim resisted? Well, shit, let’s dismiss those ridiculous murder and robbery charges, then. We are pretty sure Chief Straub didn’t feel comfortable when his troops locked up the two […]

Idiots Abound

We knew it would happen sooner or later. Our first “thug excuser” has appeared in reference to the now Dead Right There, well ventilated Travis Jerome Miller. We wanted you to see it, so, here it is: Yep, another stellar example of word-smithin’ and logical thinking right there. Not to mention all the unfounded accusations […]


Did Tara Servatius of 1250 WTMA really just take credit for hanging the “Felon’s Friend” Moniker on Judge Thomas Hughston? Really? Give her a call and let her know where that name originated – 556-1250.

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