Month – July 2013

Summatown Update

It seems there might be more to the story of the murder of Don’ta Pringle than initially reported. It was initially reported shots were fired as a result of Pringle and his buddies talking to some girls. Jonathan Decota Williams, aka “DuCe Wynboy Corleon“, was apparently with Pringle the night he was murdered. WCSC is […]

Nice Job, Tara

Most of us had to go to work this morning to support the leeches in our society, so we missed the interview with Paul Thurmond on WTMA. Thankfully, WTMA makes podcasts available on their website. The interview starts around the 18:00 mark on the podcast. This may be a bit disjointed as we are worn […]

Brunswick Update #13

One of our regular thug supporters posted this link to a story about the father of the baby murdered by Demarquise Elkins in Brunswick, Ga. We thought we would post it on the front page to demonstrate something. What? The fact that thugs and their supporters are very adept at ignoring evidence. You know, things […]

What Gives?

We have been following the hate crime shooting which occurred at the Nowhere Bar and Grill in Goose Creek. A couple of black guys entered after last call, were refused service, started in with the “racist” accusations, then went out in the parking lot, changed clothes and blasted the club and a few patrons. Every […]

Listen In, Call In *Updated*

Updated: Time updated We meant to post this last night, but real life got in the way. Today at 8:40 a.m. Tara Servatius of 1250 WTMA will have have Paul Thurmond on to address the bill we called him out on. She also wanted us to appear, but we all know why that can’t happen. […]

Jaton Edwards – Again

We first profiled Jaton Edwards and his extensive criminal record back in May of 2012. He was arrested again, with another firearm, at Charlie O’s. For those who aren’t familiar with it, that establishment is one of the black clubs that are the source of a lot of the gun violence which occurs in parking […]

Justice Served?

Well, it looks like someone did decide to prosecute Jesse Ray Rouse. Do you remember him? Back in December 2012 he was outed via a local post on Facebook that viral. Seems he was sending out pictures of his little willy to teenage girls on Facebook. We put up a post about the case. It […]

Carlos Elmore Glenn

Carlos Glenn, aka “Road Runna Shorty” throws up those “4s” you have been seeing quite frequently. His “4s” don’t indicate an allegiance to Summatown, but rather an allegiance to a the gangs operating in and around Ashley Shores, Dorchester Terrace and Dorchester Waylyn in North Charleston. He also wants to free Young Gunna Derrell Green, […]

Exporting Crime Out of the Hood

Violence is common at black “clubs”. Now they are exporting it to normal bars containing white people. It sure is a good thing those white folks can’t carry concealed weapons in a bar, isn’t it? This crime was obviously race related. We wonder if the Justice Department will investigate.

Idiots Everywhere

We received this email this morning. The obviously mentally handicapped writer also sent screen caps of other blogs and citizens who post or tweet links to CTL stories. As you can see, he or she is threatening to expose regular folks like Dennis as the authors of CTL. Keep your guns close at hand, folks, […]

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