New Developments

Last year we did a report on a fellow named Bussman who was accused of robbing a pharmacy. We have received word via the comments on that piece which indicate charges against Bussman were dropped. The person commenting alleges Bussman’s arrest was a case of mistaken identity and link to an article at The Propaganda & Criminals. Due to the fact the P&C likes to restrict access to their articles to the ten subscribers they have, we have no idea what they reported about Bussman.

We checked the Dorchester County database and there are no pending charges for Bussman. In fact, they never did list the initial charges at arrest in the database so we can’t confirm anything that way. Suffice it to say, Bussman and his supporters tell us the charges were dropped and he was released from jail in October of 2012 after police somehow realized they had the wrong guy, so we are updating the story to reflect that.

Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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