We Try to Help the NAACP – Seriously!

Dot “Da Dumbass” Scott is at it again – trying to gin up racial controversy where none exits. She claims a recent study by the ACLU regarding marijuana arrests show police nationwide are racially profiling the poor, downtrodden black who is only trying to escape the racism by smoking a little weed now and then.

First of all, any study done by the American Criminal Liberties Union is suspect right from the start. Sheriff Cannon was right to call this particular piece of work “biased”. The ACLU and the National Association Advocating for Criminal People are organizations with a history of glossing over certain glaring facts in order further their agendas.

In this particular case they fail to point out that the bulk of police services and resources are sucked up by the black community at a disproportionate rate. Think about it. Which neighborhoods have the most crime and violence? Yep, black neighborhoods. Don’t believe it? Watch the local news any night of the week. Watch the national news. Wasn’t it the glorious city of Chicago, that bastion of welfare and gun control, which had seven murdered and thirty injured in shootings in black neighborhoods this past weekend? Yep, it sure was.

Now, Da Dumbass and her organization don’t like it when facts like those are pointed out. They don’t think logically, like the rest of us do. If black neighborhoods have the most crime, it naturally follows that the police will concentrate on those neighborhoods. The National Assholes Advancing Criminal Propaganda believe if there is a lot of violent crime in the Waylyn neighborhood the cops should, of course, be trolling around places like Coosaw Creek or Kiawah and arresting people for weed.

The solution is simple, Dot. Disperse the racists in your organization throughout the black neighborhoods. Yeah, we know – those are dangerous areas and you don’t feel safe there, but you really have to put boots on the ground to accomplish this. Once you gather up your courage and wander into those neighborhoods, start telling “your people” to stop committing crimes. If the crime rate drops significantly, the police will be able to concentrate on other things, in other areas. When that happens the number of homies going to jail for having a spliff will taper off to levels commensurate with the rest of the population.

See? Simple solution. All it requires in order to achieve it is for you to be honest, face facts, and get out the word. Yeah, we know, the whole honesty and facing facts thing is a bitch. But hey, any organization who can turn out almost every homeless crackhead to vote for the first affirmative action president should be able to accomplish it.

Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10280109502952868596 Rick James

    What does she want, if she even knows? For police to not arrest blacks for crimes?

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11844933731558235813 whitey Blackmon

      Exactly! After all, it not their fault they break the law.