Month – June 2013

Bikers Down

Word on the interwebs is the shooting at Cycle Gear on Dorchester Road near Leeds Avenue was the result of a beef between two black motorcycle clubs. Three are dead, one is wounded and another is custody while police sort out the mess. From what we have been able to gather the two groups allegedly […]

Call for Papers

Okay readers, as you can see we are back to being extremely busy in our work lives and time to work on the blog is at a premium. Want to help? We welcome submissions from readers. Fancy yourself a writer? Yeah, neither do we and we don’t do it fancy, that’s for sure, but we […]

Henry Oliver Nesbit, Jr.

You folks are going to love this one. It shows the complete ineffectiveness of the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s Office and the court system. Most of you won’t be surprised. Henry Oliver Nesbit, Jr. is only twenty-eight years old, but he has a long list of felonies to his name. He continues to operate his criminal […]

Calling ‘Em Out!

We know we haven’t posted in a while, but it is our busy time of year. We had to take a moment to stop and call out Kelly Golden of 94.3, WSC Radio. She spent a good portion of the morning talking about race. She kept pointing out how the mouth-breather who has been testifying […]

New Developments

Last year we did a report on a fellow named Bussman who was accused of robbing a pharmacy. We have received word via the comments on that piece which indicate charges against Bussman were dropped. The person commenting alleges Bussman’s arrest was a case of mistaken identity and link to an article at The Propaganda […]

Zachary Lamar Mikell

Zachary Lamar Mikell was arrested with Cavin Snipe for that armed robbery in downtown Charleston. Then he decided to display his superpower – Super Stupidity – and attack a few police officers. He ain’t the brightest bulb, that’s for sure. You can find his Thugbook page under the name “Zachary TrapSr Mikell“. Just the usual […]

Snipe Hunt?

Back in February we did a Dead Right There piece on Miguel Snipe. That surname was in the news again this weekend with the arrest of Cavin Snipe, of 2205 Suffolk Street, on armed robbery charges by Charleston P.D. Cavin Snipe was apparently with Miguel Snipe when he achieved Dead Right There status and was […]

We Try to Help the NAACP – Seriously!

Dot “Da Dumbass” Scott is at it again – trying to gin up racial controversy where none exits. She claims a recent study by the ACLU regarding marijuana arrests show police nationwide are racially profiling the poor, downtrodden black who is only trying to escape the racism by smoking a little weed now and then. […]

Finally – Some Violent Crackas!

Looks like the white thugs are finally getting in on the action. “Brent Peets” and “Travis Fender” are charged with a June 12th shooting in West Ashley. They are said to have blasted two people, a male and a female, at Honey Ridge Villas on Oakmont Avenue. They went on the run, but U.S. Marshalls […]

Timothy McClendon Update – Still a Dumbass

The last time we checked in on Young Gunna and self-proclaimed Blood gang member Timothy McClendon, aka “Dolla Loudpack Madden Block“, aka “Gucci”, he was “incarcerated” at a juvenile facility. We can’t imagine what he might have been doing that landed him in such a predicament. So were naturally curious when we stumbled across this […]

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