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Charleston’s local “news”paper, The Propaganda & Criminals, is at it again. This time a recent series of articles and “opinion” pieces blasting your local police for chasing criminals. The latest is a piece we saw this morning which was written by Melanie “Bellicose Bellower of Bullshit” Balog entitled “Police chases rarely worth the risk”. No, we won’t link to it. Most of you won’t be able to see it anyway because it seems very few of you subscribe to the rag.

The case at hand this time is the police pursuit of Peter Jenkins, 52. Police received a tip the driver of a white Kia was wanted for attempted murder. When they tried to stop Jenkins he fled, leading police on a pursuit that wound from North Charleston to West Ashley. After he was stopped, and after he rode the lightning commonly referred to as a Taser, police discovered he was in fact wanted by CPD for running a woman down with his car the day before.

Balog wants you to believe the police made a mistake, as evidenced by this pull quote:

“The fact that he wasn’t the guy the authorities thought he was seemed to be of little concern. He still was charged with a crime. After all, he fled.”

Really? Poor guy. Wasn’t who the cops thought he was, he fled from them, then they had the gall to charge him with a crime anyway? Evil, evil police!! Of course, we all know Balog is a moron to whom facts don’t matter a whit.

As you can see, the words “logic” and “Balog” are like oil and water and simply can’t be written in the same sentence. Her ridiculous argument seems to say Jenkins wasn’t charged with attempted murder after all, so the cops were wrong in chasing him. A word that does go with “Balog” is “idiot”.

Jenkins ran down a woman with his vehicle. That is attempted murder. The fact that we was probably undercharged by CPD with the charge of Assault & Battery of a High & Aggravated Nature doesn’t change anything. Any time you run someone down with a car you have a reasonable expectation of killing them. The ABHAN charge only means the 9th Circuit Solicitor will plead it down to Simple Assault.

Every time the Propaganda & Criminals support organization whines about our cops chasing suspects we think back to the pursuit of Duncan Proctor in 1992. Long time residents will remember the serial rapist who plagued the Lowcountry in the late ’80′s and early ’90′s and raped approximately twenty-seven women. Investigators had Proctor under surveillance when he spotted them and fled. He led them on a vehicular pursuit through North Charleston, Goose Creek and up the interstate toward Summerville. 

At the time, Channel 5 liked to use footage in their promos of their news van cutting off an investigator in the middle of the pursuit somewhere around North Rhett Avenue. During the pursuit Proctor fired several shots at pursuing officers, striking one investigator’s vehicle at least twice. The WCSC pussies changed their minds about being involved in the chase at that point, but the police continued to pursue the armed rapist. The chase finally ended on I-26 when one officer rammed Proctor’s vehicle at high speed causing both to crash into a tree in the median. The officer suffered leg injuries. Proctor was initially thought to be dead, but doctors at MUSC managed expend a lot of taxpayer dollars and save his sorry ass.

According to the stance of the Propaganda & Criminals the police should have called off that dangerous pursuit. After all, they had Proctor’s tag number and they knew who he was. They could always catch him later. If he fled again, they could have just waited longer. Maybe Proctor would get tired of running one day and allow officers to arrest him.

Now, let’s say the officers had stopped chasing Jenkins and let him go. The very next day he tracks down the woman he ran over and does it again, killing her this time. What do you think the headline would be from the Propaganda and Criminals? Yep: “Police Failure Leads to Woman’s Death”. Balog and her cohorts would gleefully hammer the cops for letting Jenkins go in the first place.

You see folks, the police can’t win. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Fortunately for the decent citizens of the Lowcountry, most of our police departments don’t set policy based on what the “news” media thinks or reports. We particularly enjoy those law enforcement administrators who don’t mind telling organizations like the Propaganda & Criminals (with a modicum of tact, of course) to fuck off (Note: we don’t possess a modicum of tact). Sheriff Al Cannon comes to mind in this regard.

A note to our law enforcement officers doing the dangerous work – your efforts are appreciated by more citizens than the “media” would have you believe. Don’t buy into the slanted propaganda. Keep doing your jobs to the best of your ability and accept our thanks for putting your asses on the line.

We are preparing a post on Peter Jenkins, but it may take a while. Just to give you a taste of the amount of research necessary on this guy, the images below show his criminal history in Charleston county. We don’t care if it took one cop or one-hundred and twelve to get this guy off the street. At least they were doing their jobs. It is apparent the solicitor and our judges aren’t doing theirs.




Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14286592544253400054 Jenna T

    Ok, so I think there’s a little misconception here, in the understanding of the p&c reporter’s comment. And I base this off my last understanding this incident. In the end, apparently it was determined, that Jenkins was not even the guy that attempted to run over their girlfriend. At least that’s what I saw last. I guess her point was that he wasn’t even the right person to begin with. But i still think that thinking is so far beyond ridiculous. In my mind, if a cop thought I looked like, or drove a car that looked like, a wanted person, then I’d expect them to stop me, and I’d stop, no worries, especially since I don’t commit crimes, do or sell drugs, so stopping for blue lights, would not scare me at all, I have nothing to worry about. Lets even say that after I’m stopped, the cop still thinks I’m the wanted individual & so he takes me to jail to get fingerprinted, whatever. I would be frustrated that my time was being taken, but I’d go, I wouldn’t fight them, I would just go and clear my name. And in the end, I’d know they were just doin their jobs, which is exactly what I expect them to do. I wouldn’t mind being a little inconvenienced, knowing that the cops didn’t take the chance of letting a criminal get away. But that’s me, and I’m not worried about them finding drugs in my car or having a warrant. If I was, I would probably run. And if I ran, I’d be chased. I wouldn’t say they shouldn’t have. Look, if they caught me committing a crime, while in the process of figuring out if I was involved with a different crime, regardless of whether I committed the crime they thought I did, I’m still guilty for the crime they caught me doing!!! How is that wrong??? And plus, I don’t want our cops afraid to make stops because someone might not be the right person, what if they are, what if they aren’t but are a serial killer or something & would e busted if the cops stop them… Basically, I appreciate the work that cops do, I’m not afraid of them because I’m not a criminal, my 1st instinct isn’t to run.