Month – May 2013

And They Wonder Why We are Upset

Illegal Alien – Check. Seven Kids – Check. Food Stamps – Check. Subsidized Housing – Check. Social Security Payments (even though she never paid in) – Check. “Free” Medical Care – Check. “Free” Medication – Check. See, absolutely no reason at all for decent, law abiding, tax paying citizens to be unhappy with their wonderful […]

Robbery Team

A total of three thugs have been charged with an armed robbery and attempted murder which occurred in September of 2012. The incident occurred on St. Ives Road. The three charged are Chanise Shirley King, Jharrda Jerome Brown and Kadeem Shavod Felder. Chanise Shirly King Kadeem Shavod Felder Jharrda Jerome Brown Chanise King was charged […]

Peter Jenkins

Peter Jenkins is the latest cause celebre of some of the local “news” outlets. He ran down a woman with his car on the 27th of May. On the 28th of May NCPD was notified Jenkins was wanted for attempted murder. When officers tried to stop him Jenkins fled, leading officers on a pursuit through […]

Exposing the P&C – Again

Charleston’s local “news”paper, The Propaganda & Criminals, is at it again. This time a recent series of articles and “opinion” pieces blasting your local police for chasing criminals. The latest is a piece we saw this morning which was written by Melanie “Bellicose Bellower of Bullshit” Balog entitled “Police chases rarely worth the risk”. No, […]

No Hate Crime Here – Just Move Along

A white family found themselves in a bit of trouble recently when they stopped for gas in Baton Rouge. The mother, father and daughter were beaten for being in the “wrong” neighborhood. Black people get all bitchy over any perceived slight that they shouldn’t be in certain neighborhoods. For example, if a hoodrat manages to […]

More Threats

We came back to CTL after being away for a while and found some comments by a shit for brains mope calling himself “David Dotch” on our post about the Dead Right There status of Antonio McCullough, aka “Icy”. At first we thought he might have misspelled “bitch” when registering his Google name. Then we […]

SCDC Updates

“Dennis Richardson” is still updating his Thugbook page from behind bars at Lee Correctional where he is serving time on a kidnapping conviction. Richardson’s project release date is 2024, but he feels like he’s close to getting out. Should he be commended for being so open about reppin’ the gay side of prison life? The […]

Brunswick Update #11

After our first relaxing day in a while we decided to see what updates were available in the case of the baby killing Blood, Demarquise Elkins. The first thing we found was this police photo of one of his tattoos. Defense attorneys are now claiming the mother of the murdered baby has traded sex for […]

Henry Tom Baker

We wonder if his parents were fans of old cop shows like Adam-12. Either that, or they was letting us know he was a “High, Thieving Bastard”. In the interest of saving time we have only captured the general sessions arrests of Henry Tom Baker. We chose not to compile all of the misdemeanor traffic […]

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