Saudi National Innocent?

Some interesting information and links in this piece about the Saudi citizen the FBI now says is totally innocent of the Boston bombing.

Unconfirmed arrests in two countries are discussed in this article. The alleged claims of responsibility are interesting, although later in the article we can still see everyone is fervently hoping the suspect is a white guy who hates taxes and Obama.

Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • dilbertgeg

    I don’t doubt that article is correct, but here’s some older info on letting Saudis go.

    This is Bush’s family attorney and business partner for decades, also atty for prominent Saudis. These are the people supposedly PROTECTING us from terrorism. Note, the civil defendants ADMITTED to financing Al-Qaeda as their defense, case thrown out in “diplomatic immunity”.

    King Ibn Saud was a Wahabbi warlord who beat out other warlords over Arabia due to support from future CIA and State Dept leaders, Allen and John Dulles, then of Sullivan & Cromwell, a prominent Wall St firm employed by Enron.

    This website includes some of Shoebat’s broad support network, which while overtly anti-Islamic, some engaged in covert support FOR Islamic radicals, and some spoke out FOR a major terror attack on the USA, including prior to 9/11.

  • dilbertgeg

    Al-Qaeda *is* the radical Right in their countries. Al-Qaeda is the radical right that took down Ghaddafi with help from NATO. While Ghaddafi had his own reported thuggishness, as head of state, even the LA Times reported that overt Al-Qaeda were present in the “rebels”.

    There were photos of Al-Qaeda flags, in Libya, and also in Syria and I think in Egypt after the left wing students’ rebellion was put down and the new/old Intelligence guy seized power.

    Saddam Hussein actually had a strong reputation of suppressing Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and also violently suppressing Iran-based Shiite militias (gangsters-killers) which now RULE IRAQ, the Dawa Party on wikipedia (and many other sources about Sharia in Iraq). Neither Al-Qaeda nor Iranian mullahs approve of secular rule, which all three govts represent(ed).

    That is not to besmirch actual conservatives or CTL.

    As a matter of fact, you might draw some parallels.

  • dilbertgeg

    I want to also thank you for revealing some new stuff to me.

    It was not surprising to me that “self-made” refers to drug-dealing thug in gangsta linguistics.

    It DID surprise me that the gangsta understanding of Jesus and God is that you are blessed

    a) if you commit a crime or murder but you get lucky and don’t get caught

    b) if you get arrested but there’s insufficient hard evidence to convict

    c) if you get convicted but get let off easy

    d) if you go to prison but go home early

    e) if you get shot in a gang war shootout but don’t die, live to engage in another shootout

    et cetera

    That Jesus is that Savior who forgives all gangstas for past crimes (unlike crackas who punish), and blesses gangstas who go out and do the same crimes again.

    It’s weird all the Thugs offering PRAYERS for themselves or “brahs” online while facing an upcoming hearing or locked down for a few more years “staying strong with the Lord” having NOTHING TO DO WITH REPENTANCE whatsoever.

    I see parallels in the Catholic Italian Mafia and other historical mafias (including, sorry to say, Jews and Zionists, since I am Jewish), and in Govts who commit terrorism and arm terrorists or commit other crimes in the name of Christianity. Lots of “in the name of” going on, a bastardization of the key intent of each religion, which is supposed to be living a MORAL life, not getting forgiven for thuggery.

  • ECM

    I hate taxes and Obama–if that’s the criteria for suspects, then that’s a list tens of millions long, minimum.

    • dilbertgeg

      Probably the worst taxes for the entire economy is FICA – Payroll tax.

      Not only “regressive” on low-mid income, but classical libs like Adam Smith all the way to very conservative Andrew Mellon under Coolidge understood that taxing WAGES is counter-economic because it cuts into consumption & macro Demand in an economy which for 100+ years the problem has been OVER-production and UNDER-consumption, the main reason they expanded the military globally at the turn of 20th century.

      FICA-Payroll tax was never NECESSARY. They could just GIVE that to old people to boost Demand without taxing the crap out of working age people. See conv btw Luther Gulick and FDR on Social Security dot gov. The tax was “purely political” said FDR, not for any economic or fiscal reasons, but check the context and content.

      Any govt that issues Money for Commerce vs primitive barter needs to demand SOME taxes equal to a small portion of the number of “units” created and added to the economy.

      Govt need not hit everyone. Under Mellon, only top 2% even had to file, let alone pay. The real point is like the ticket price to get into paintball, but it’s the ticket price to “play” in USA economy, which is part private-sector and part state institution that holds it together and manages it.

      Ideally (per Smith, Mellon, others) tax collection should be on UNEARNED income and other privileged earnings from Nature and from govt grants like exclusive corp rights to a radio frequency or subsurface minerals, never from Labor or from genuine capital investment for real productive ends.

  • KatB

    however, once Kerry ( the traitor, lying coward)met with the Saudi representative, then the guy was cleared