Month – April 2013

Another Five in Colleton County

Let’s talk about the five thugs arrested in Colleton County for engaging in a gang related shootout. Normally not a big deal because they are killing each other. This time they killed an innocent mother who was sitting in her car. First up is Brandon Allen Bowman, a known and convicted drug dealer. Bowman was […]

Terrell Wilson Update

You may remember Terrell Wilson, aka “Yung LO SurreyLivin“. CPD was looking for him for him after he showed up at St. Francis with a bullet wound and lied to them. They arrested him on 17 April. As you can see, they didn’t manage to keep him in jail for long. We thought we might […]

Will This Do?

The rigors of maintaining gainful employment and tending to family matters and events has kept us away for quite some time now. Wish we could tell you when that might change, but we can’t. All we can do is ask you to keep checking back. We will update as time allows. We noticed the piece […]

Still With Us?

Between work and taking the time to pore over photos and videos from the Boston bombing we haven’t accomplished much else. We have bookmarked the recent run of crime stories and will get to them as soon as time allows. Thanks for hanging in there.

She Was Hacked

Wright claims her Facebook account was hacked. People always make that claim after they get busted and get suspended from their job interacting with children in the public schools. Note the grammatical error in the post, then note the grammatical errors in her statement which was published in the article.

What is Going On?

So, the Saudi national who was the initial suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, then suddenly cleared, is now scheduled to be deported on national security grounds? After Obama had an unscheduled meeting with the Saudi prince? If you remember, he was alleged to have been here on a student visa so he could do […]

What Happened?

Has anyone noticed anything strange about the local coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing? We have. The local fish-wrap of record, The Propaganda & Criminals, hasn’t filed a FOIA for all the details of the investigation up to this point and then written a whiny article crying about not receiving the information. Go figure.

Saudi National Innocent?

Some interesting information and links in this piece about the Saudi citizen the FBI now says is totally innocent of the Boston bombing. Unconfirmed arrests in two countries are discussed in this article. The alleged claims of responsibility are interesting, although later in the article we can still see everyone is fervently hoping the suspect […]

In Texas, Of All Places

Normally we support those who wear the badge, but in cases of obvious and extreme abuse of power we have to call them out. “Rudely displaying a firearm”? Wow! Decorated Army veteran C.J. Grisham was walking in the country with his son. They were doing a ten mile hike for the son’s Eagle Scout qualification. […]

It Sure Is Strange

We aren’t usually prone to that conspiracy theory stuff, but we are having some trouble with the Boston bombing. Given the prevalence of video surveillance in downtown Boston, combined with all the media and citizens taking photos and video, we find it hard to believe there hasn’t been an arrest, or even an indication of […]

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