Month – March 2013

Way To Go, Joe! *Updated*

Once again, your elected representatives, namely the Vice President Joe “Oh shit did he really say that” Biden, have screwed the little guy. Biden was due to wrap up his vacation on Kiawah Island tomorrow. Instead, he decided to head back to Washington, DC today. What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, just ask all […]

Mark Lorenzo Blake, Jr.

Here is another case which will do nothing but make you angry. Mark Lorenzo Blake, Jr. decided to run from CPD and shoot an officer Saturday night. Patrolman Corey Goldstein was shot multiple times by Blake. Goldstein returned the favor and sent Blake to the hospital in a well ventilated state. Unfortunately, Blake wasn’t toe-tagged. […]

Brunswick Update #9

The latest news indicates that city commissioner James Brooks, who was arrested for injecting himself into the case and interfering with police, is a distant relative of the shooter, Demarquise Elkins. This case is starting to read like some sordid made for t.v. drama. Apparently the Black Panthers have decided to attach themselves to the […]

Terrell Wilson

We have the sharpest brigade of citizen researchers! A reader pointed us to “Yung LO Surrey Livin” and thought he looked a lot like the Terrell Wilson fellow CPD is looking for. Wilson showed up at St. Francis Hospital on Wednesday and claimed he was shot somewhere in North Charleston. Entirely believable in light of […]

Brunswick Update #8 *Updated*

We awoke this morning to find a note from a reader directing us to the story of Brunswick City Commissioner James H. Brooks.  It seems Commissioner Brooks decided to play attorney and tried to prevent police from speaking to the now proven liar and felon, Karimah Elkins. She is the mother of Demarquise Elkins, the […]

Our Instincts are Usually Right *Updated*

We reserved judgement (and comment) on that Goose Creek baby bashing story for good reason. It didn’t feel right to us. It didn’t even look right after seeing footage and photos of the child. Turns out we were right. Was Karsen Ruffin trying to garner sympathy or trying to use the shock of the Brunswick […]

Brunswick Update #7

Well, well, well…..the plot thickens! A grand jury has indicted Demarquise “I loves Tom & Jerry” Elkins for the murder of a 13 month old child. He shot the baby between the eyes while attempting to rob the mother. The same grand jury also indicted him for a shooting which occurred ten days before he […]

You Would Think She Would Know Better

A reader sent us these screen caps of some of the local thug community discussing bond hearing judge Linda Lombard. You would think she would have better sense than to frequent a convenience store in the hood, where so many of the guests in her courtroom live. This exchange does some provide some insight into […]

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