Month – February 2013

Curtis Tywon Mitchell

Have you ever wondered why someone like Curtis Tywon Mitchell would believe it is perfectly acceptable to shoot up someone’s home after a traffic beef? After you read the information in this post we believe you will come to the same conclusion we did. Because he has learned from the 9th Circuit Solicitor it is […]

The Ecstacy of Tyric Jowan Becoate

WCSC reports Tryic Becoate, of 836 Cartrwight Drive, was partying at “Plan B” when he was observed dancing on stage and waving a gun. Someone called the police who responded and observed Becoate still dancing with the firearm tucked in his waistband. After they corralled him the police found he had weed, ecstacy pills and […]

Proving a Point

Just to prove a point we spent a couple of hours searching through the contact list of Shaquan Burgess, whom we profiled in the last post. We wanted to prove a point to everyone, but especially to SCDC administrators. The following convicts are all in touch with one another via cell phones and social media […]

Will the Feds Do a Better Job?

In September of 2012 we profiled Cleo Williams who fled from police and injured a pregnant woman and a child in a collision. We think this was the post that stunned a lot of folks into realizing the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s office has been a huge failure. Re-read that post. Pay attention to all the […]

Bangas Beefin’

Young Goon Willie Walker, aka “Lev Levy Walker“, seems to have a problem with a self-professed Blood from Berkeley County. Walker and “Stew Bamma Addison“, real name Diquan Paulin, of St. Stephen, are practicing being Thugbook tough-guys. From what we can gather Diquan ratted out Willie and “LilDerek Bradford Swaggasohard” to Derek’s mommy.   Paulin […]

Jamal Rollerson

CPD arrested Jamal Rollerson after he tossed a firearm while fleeing a police officer. At the age of twenty he is already a convicted felon. Today was a government holiday so his arrest and bond information hasn’t been entered into the database yet. 2008 Charges: 2nd Degree Burglary and Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle […]

Donaven Pryor

Donaven Tyrell Pryor, aka “Gucciboy Pryor“, was arrested on 13 February by NCPD. He faces a charge of Strong Arm Robbery. Bond was set in the amount of $20,000. Pryor likes to associate with the Purpgang crew. He uses the address of 5701 Waldheim Street, lot 128, in Dorchester Village. Donaven has a twin brother […]

Young Gunna Timothy McClendon – Update

Young Gunna Timothy McClendon, aka “Dolla Loudpack Madden Block”, known to his friends as Gucci, is doing three to six months in the custody of DJJ at Beaufort Marine Institute. Our first feature on McClendon was posted 24 January. He was also included in our round-up of the Young Gunnas. Even while he is “incarcerated” […]

Lamon Hamilton – Update

It looks like Probation and Parole finally got around to filing the probation violation for Lamon Azreal Hamilton. We profiled him in December when he was arrested for drug and gun charges. Judge Bligen handed down an $80,000 bond on the probation violation, so maybe they can keep his thug ass behind bars this time.

Reginald Lanard Gordon

Reginald Gordon has been charged with the murder of Dominique Grant in the parking lot of Frazier’s Club in Ravenel in August of 2012. This looks like a pretty solid case as the police have witnesses, the firearm and the results of ballistic tests. Good job to the folks at CCSO. You can find Gordon […]

Devin is Angry

Devin Walker, recently released on bond on four counts of Attempted Murder for his participation in a shooting incident at the Hawthorne Suites hotel, has a beef with us. Devin denies being a member of the Young Gunnas and we will have to take his word on that. Devin pointed out in a comment to […]

Gangsta Drama – oooooohhhh!

Looks like the Young Goonz are still trying to catch an ass-whippin’ from the Young Gunnas. Wouldn’t it be entertaining to just round up the whole lot of them, stick ‘em in a cage and see how many of them would cry for their mommas? We warn you NOT to venture forth in search of […]

Dopes on a Bus

Two seventeen year old students were arrested for allegedly smoking weed on a school bus early Tuesday morning. If that doesn’t show you how out of control the thug problem is around here, nothing will. When we were kids at least we would stack up in the woods or behind a dumpster before the bus […]

Northwoods Boulevard Shooting

If you haven’t had occasion to visit a local hotel of late you might be surprised to find that many of the rooms are rented to local drug dealers and thugs who use them to conduct business and party. Something like that was apparently going at the Hawthorne Suites on Northwoods Boulevard on 19 January. […]

Shoota Free on Bond *Edit*

Edit: Having been contacted by a source, we understand that THIS Devin Walker may not be the Devin Walker associated with the gang known as Young Gunnas. Based on that info we have deleted that info from this post. The Charleston County Clerk’s site hasn’t been updated, but Devin Riley Walker was released on 8 […]

Media Spin

We have been sitting back for several days watching the media coverage of killer LAPD cop Christopher Dorner. With it being black history month, and just because a black man says racism is involved it must be true, the local and national media are once again bashing whitey and the insitution of LAPD. Of course, […]

We Keep Finding Examples

Juvenile “Folk Nation” gang members given a major break by an idiot judge. These bangaz were so tough it took five of them to beat two girls. The story is from 2012, but it exemplifies how our courts, and even DJJ contribute to the gang problem in South Carolina.

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