A Tale of Two Gangs – Part 1 – Young Goonz

Young Goonz

The Young Goonz also use the name of their “rap label” to identify themselves. When you see “ebdsmd”, “ebdsmcyg” or “E Bout Dat So Mix Dat” you can rest assured you are dealing with a Young Goon.They also identify themselves by saying they are “headfirst”.

Twins Tyriq and Taji Maybank are cousins of the deceased Choppa T. Tyriq uses the name “Lilriq da Maconboi“, while Taji goes by “Sav Da Maconboy“. We profiled them when they were arrested on assault charges back in May, and in September when Taji was locked up again.

Taji Maybank
Tyriq Maybank
The “choirboy” thug who was the recipient of a police lead injection last year and the reason Charleston Thug Life exists is also a Young Goon. Carlton Pringle goes by the moniker “BryckBoi Da HeadHunna Dammage“.
Pringle was recently crying “Free Geez” on his Thugbook page. Fellow Young Goon “Geez Sinclair” was arrested last week. Based on Thugbook chatter it would seem he was released on the 25th of January.
Geez Sinclair & Carlton Pringle
From the sound of things on Thugbook, Young Goon “Kareem McPherson” is locked up, but is due to be released any time now.
Interesting side note: Kareem’s page was deleted right after we captured this picture of him. 
Kareem McPherson

Regular readers will remember Khalid Jackson, aka “Khalid Headgone Lul Marlo“. We profiled him on December 1st after he went to court and got sent away. In that profile we found several references to the feud with the Young Gunnas, with specific references to a fellow called “Mook”. Khalid implied he had been in West Ashley shooting at “Mook” and “Lefty”. You can review the video Mook made in which he threatens Khalid and the Young Goonz by clicking HERE. Mook is Daqone Lance of the Young Gunnas.

You can find Khalid’s other Thugbook pages HERE and HERE.

Khalid Jackson

The “Bambi” referred to by Khalid is actually “Myesha Johnson“, a female member of the Young Goons. She is also currently locked up.

Myesha Johnson

We found the following tweet from Emmanuel Rogers quite interesting:

Keno Sherman” is another Young Goon.

Keno Sherman

Juwan Wright” proudly claims the Young Goonz.

Juwan Wright

As shown in the entry above, Tyrek Moody, aka “Tyrek Eboutdatsomixdat Moody“, aka “Lil Reek”, identifies as a Young Goon, with the usual “free the squad” cries on his Thugbook page. He also plays basketball for North Charleston High School.

We commonly find self-identified gang members on high school sports teams. And we wonder if sports are so important to school administrators that no one bothers to check out the kids they allow to play. Most of the ones we run across are constant disciplinary problems, have been suspended for one reason or another and have been arrested a time or two. Yet they are still allowed to play football and basketball.

Maybe some of you citizens should demand some answers from Nancy McGinley about that. We are puzzled. The district is apparently aware of the gangs and concerned enough they send an administrator to talk to students about them. Yet, somehow, the look the other way when those very same gang members are playing on their athletic teams.

Tyrek Moody

One of the folks Tyrek was demanding freedom for is “Darius BrickboiSwaggsorite Smalls“. Darius was released on 24 January. He had been in custody since the 20th on a charge of Strong Arm Robbery.

Darius Smalls

Rayvonta Deas, aka “Lilvonta Dah Younggoon“, real name Rayvonta Deas, doesn’t leave much doubt about his affiliation.

Rayvonta Deas

Nathan Givens, aka “Lilnate da Younggoon“, is another Young Goon who is currently locked up.

Nathan Givens

Nathan Givens

Smash Da Young Goon“, real name Devontey Bryant, is also incarcerated.

Devontey Bryant being hauled out of school wearing bracelets

Devontey Bryant

DeAundre Williams, aka “DeAundre Da YG Williams” is yet another self-identified Young Goon. He also goes by the name “Riley da YoungGoon”. Here are some of his Twitter posts.

DeAundre Williams

Shells da Yg“, actual name Emmanuel Rogers, was nice enough to post a shot with his buddy “Rum” and our old friend Khalid Jackson pointing their weapons. And one of himself doing the same. He has spent some time behind bars. He even posted his jail documents online.

Emmanuelle Rogers

Jabari Lee, who goes by “Bari Fukkn Lee” on Thugbook is another member of the Young Goonz.

Jabari Lee & Nathan Givens

Malik Thompson, aka “Snatcha Thompson” is another Young Goon currently in custody of DJJ. He’s at the Piedmont Wilderness Institute in Clinton.

Malik Thompson

Willie Walker, who goes by the Thugbook name “Lev Levy Walker“, also plays basketball for North Charleston High School. He has been locked up a few times in the past and seems to spend a lot of time in “in school suspension”. We did a post on Walker the last time he was arrested. When he was released he went straight for the weed. It would seem high school “athletes” aren’t drug tested.

Willie Walker

Luis Cooper attends Summerville High School. He uses the Thugbook name “Luis Thugin Lyfe Cooper (Datyounggoon)” where he talks about fighting in school and whines about his fellow goonz being locked up.

This brings us to “Dat Mount Boy Demetrius“, whose real name is Demetrius Woodard. He reps the Young Goonz quite a bit. He is currently on probation and complains about his P.O. being “strick”. Demetrius just went back to school on the 25th. He also claims the Goonz run Murray Hill.

We wonder what his “strick” probation officer will think about the posts and pictures below.

Demetrius Woodard

Spoon Da Cakeboi“, aka Travis Martin, is another Goon. You can see images of Travis with guns HERE and HERE.

Travis Martin (right)

Gustavao Wright” self affiliates as a Young Goon as you can see in the exchange below which was initiated by Rayvonta Deas.

Wright had to go to court on the 25th of January. We aren’t sure what the offense was as he is apparently still a “teen” as WCSC would say. He is still posting so we know they didn’t keep him.

We expect to see a lot more of Wright in the future, particularly if he follows in the footsteps of his father whose Charleston County history you can see below.

Troy Costen“, who also goes by the name “Lilmurke Bayside Costen”, also identifies himself as a Young Goon in the exchange above.

Dominic Holmes“, is yet another Young Goon.

Is this what education in Charleston County has come to? Teaching teenagers math using M&M’s? Shouldn’t that be done in first grade? Sheesh!

LilDerek Bradford Swaggasohard“, aka Derek Antonio Bradford of 4209 Kelly Street in North Charleston, is a Young Goon. He is out on a $25,000 bond for an armed robbery charge he picked up in July 2012. He, too, is following in the criminal footsteps of his father.

Looks like he expects that armed robbery charge to tie him up for a while. Let’s hope the sentencing judge and the prosecutor read Charleston Thug Life.

We probably don’t have to tell you what gang “Vontay Young Goon Bradley” claims. He lists his occupation as selling at the trap house.

“Kelvin Swiffy Cain” is our next Young Goon up for exposure.

Monteyd Projectboi Murray” has been featured on CTL before with a video of a disruptive CCSD classroom. Demontea Murray is also a Young Goon. There is good news, though – he was finally promoted (just barely) to the 8th Grade. How many of you suspect the teachers, the school and the district just fudged those grades to move him along?

The last Young Goon for now is “Dale Boy Leik“. He got his ass beat at a local theater by Young Gunna “Sam Low” on the 6th of January. This probably happened at the Regal Cinemas on Mall Drive. That place is so thug infested they have to hire several off duty police officers to provide security so patrons stand a chance of being able to watch the movie they paid for. We aren’t sure how much of a gangsta Leik really is, though. He seems to be kind of a lightweight when it comes to gangsterism. Ktron White calls him out on the ass whipping he got at the theater.

There are some Goonz out there we haven’t listed here, but we figure it’s time to wrap this up and move on to the Young Gunnas. At least this listing will give you an idea of what is roaming your streets.

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  1. You guys do all this great work and yet nothing ever gets accomplished. Thank God for you guys at charleston thug life. I hope each and everyone of you know how much myself and many other hard working, caring, good people appreciate every post you guys put up. I check your page every day at work usually two to three times.

    As we all sit here and look at the efforts you guys put forth on this page it’s almost funny.

    Funny that no matter how many facts are out there…. nobody gets convicted…. FOR LONG*

    I hope I get to shoot me a thug someday!

  2. If you really care, come volunteer at the schools these kids go to, tutors and coaches are always welcome. Wouldn’t you rather them occupying their time on the courts and fields at schools than on the streets? I’ve taught and coached many of these kids and they’re not all bad. Come spend a day with these guys at school or practice…then tell me how you feel.

  3. Philip, not trying to be rude, but two of us have about five times more experience in the local schools than you do. And yes, we do have a problem with proven thugs with criminal records being allowed to participate in athletics, no matter how well behaved you might think they are on the field.

  4. Like I said before this blog is so accurate and it is a wonderful thing that you have this because us citizens want to keep our streets clean. So here are some other thugs you might want to review and do a strong article about. ****** ** ******** (Facebook), ****** ***/@**** (Facebook & Twitter), ***** ******/@*********** (Facebook & Twitter), ****** **** (Facebook), *** ** ******* (Facebook). Please help us citizens in this once amazing county that we knew. Thanks!

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