Month – February 2013

Calling It Like We See It

We normally don’t link to articles over at the Propaganda and Criminals site, but Andrew Knapp did a decent piece on the recent arrests of family members in the murder of Jimmy C. Edwards. We can’t wait to find out the rest of the details. Nice job, Andrew.


The Charleston rag of record, The Propaganda and Criminals, has a piece today about Curtis Bostic residing exactly 8/10 of a mile outside the First District. That’s basically the length of his driveway. They go on to blame Republicans for the gerrymandering which facilitated such a dilemma. Hopefully, Rocky D will address this issue on […]


Did they come up with that acronym as a tribute to the Putter in Chief? Pardon us for our derision, but any effort involving James Johnson, who gave himself the title “Elder”, makes us question the validity of the effort. Every try to ask him what church gave him the title? One of us did. […]

Darius Green Update

Earlier today we posted about a court hearing for Darius Green. He murdered David Moultrie at a Mt. Pleasant Walmart. Word is Green pled guilty and was sentenced to twenty-five (25) hears. We still haven’t confirmed whether he pled guilty to murder of manslaughter. We will update this post when we find out. UPDATE: It […]

Osceola Street

While we were preparing our post on the Dead Right There status of Miguel Snipe we found two Thugbook pages for him. The first was the “Macon Boy Mikey” page. The second was under the name “OscEnt MaconBoi Mikey“. We also noticed the Thugbook page of the cousin who was shot in the arm during […]

Hang Him

All we have to say about his mope is – hang him high. We don’t care it it is his first offense. Say hello to the basher of babies, Derek Stilson. Derek “Baby Basher” Stilson

Dennis Lee Smalls

Dennis Lee Smalls was clocked at 105 mph in a 55 mph zone. He then fled from the officer trying to catch up to him. In doing so, he ran a red light at over 100 mph and crashed into a taxi van carrying passengers. Witnesses said Smalls appeared to be intoxicated. Dennis “They only […]

Let’s See What Happens

In September of 2011 David Moultrie was working at the Mt. Pleasant Walmart when he and Darius Green got into a fight outside. Green stabbed Moultrie to death. We haven’t found any definitive reports regarding what the fight was about. Green is scheduled to appear in court today at 2 p.m. We aren’t sure if […]

More Government Stupidity

Interesting we had to find this in the British press, isn’t it? “The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s guidelines warn companies against rejecting minority applicants who have committed a felony or other offense, recommending that those companies eliminate policies which ‘exclude people from employment based on a criminal record.“   “The latest update from the EEOC […]

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