Month – October 2012

Jarvis Kendell Behrens

Those folks over at NCPD sure are observant and they do a great job of solving crime. They recently locked up a thug by the name of Jarvis Kendell Behrens for shooting into a vehicle. An officer saw him ditch the gun prior to learning of the shooting and stopped the vehicle Behrens was in. […]

Meth Mashup

It seems Berkeley County has become a haven for meth heads trying to cook up the stuff. Kudos to BCSO for their continuous efforts to lock these idiots up. Joseph Brandon Roff and Timothy McNeil Cannon, Jr. were busted for operating a meth lab in a camper on Santee River Road in St. Stephen. Joseph […]

Something is Wrong With Our System

Watching the news this evening we see a story about the state Department of Revenue being hacked. Online pirates have apparently stolen financial information, to include social security numbers, of 77 percent of all South Carolina residents. The data resided on DOR servers and was UNENCRYPTED. The state decided not to immediately release the information. […]

Stephan Montrell Aiken

Stephan Montrall Aiken, aka Stephen Montrell Aiken, of 6932 Alfonzo Circle in North Charleston, was arrested by CPD for beating the snot out of his girlfriend. He allegedly punched her repeatedly in the face, choked her and beat with a wooden chair. All in full view of a child. There are some allegations the female […]

Two More Arrests

Two more people have been arrested in the murder of Anthony Watley III. Henry Lavester Mulligan, Jr. was charged with assisting Jamal Lameek Smalls and Thomas Lamont Ancrum in making sure Watley achieved “Dead Right There” status. Mulligan has used addresses on Fillmore Street, Napolean Drive, Bonaparte Drive and Barnwell Avenue – all in North […]

Just Killing Time

Just out of curiosity, we searched WhoTalking¬†and typed in “if Romney wins”. We think you will find the results revealing. Mistakes happen bra. Hmm….the least you could do is pick a bit of cotton for that EBT, WIC and Section 8. It’s only right. Someone didn’t pay attention in her American Government class. Oh, and […]

Montez King – Convicted Drug Trafficker

“Montez King” of 1950 Clements Avenue in North Charleston was recently arrested by the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department and charged with trafficking marijuana and trafficking ecstasy. Nothing new for Montez. Or a few other members of the King family. 1950 Clements Avenue We didn’t see any mention of the deputies finding any artillery during the […]

Study the Mentality – Part XIV

Takia thinks it’s unfair for people to investigate and then report exactly what type of behavior is getting her fellow blacks shot or “kill”. Facts are facts, Takia, no matter how fervently you or the NAACP try to cover them up. Interesting side note: Takia claims to be studying chemistry at Winthrop. We sure hope […]

Court Day!

Joshua Green, aka “Liljay Lethalsquad Green” tells us he has a court date today. We wonder if that court date is for the charge of ¬†1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct With a Minor. Green is out on a $100,000 bond on that charge. That bond amount may not be accurate as we notice a bond […]

Jamal Lameek Smalls & Thomas Lamont Ancrum

It’s nice to see the Propaganda and Criminals taking their lead from us and writing articles about the criminal histories of thugs. Too bad they don’t really go into detail and engage in actual reporting. You know you will get the detail here. Jamal Lameek Smalls and Thomas Lamont Ancrum have been charged with murder […]

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