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    They look like a bunch of coke heads.

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    After watching it again, it even looks like he passed of something to another guy at approx. 10:13 minutes into the video. Coach is definitely tweaked, pacing and kicking feet, especially noticible nose rubbing. I would bet the Clemson campus that he passed off his gram of candy to one of the many people he called and which promptly appeared. Anyone else acting this way would have certainly been searched as would all the other characters that raced to the ‘rescue’ did the officer call for back up? There were a lot of pockets that should have been searched. I’ve never seen anything like this bizarre circus because a tiger got a ticket. Drug test that coach and his ‘law enforcement’ brother. The powder was written all over their faces. Even I would have been tackled (no pun intended) and most likely shot if I left my vehicle like that and strutted around like pompous assholes inside and around the car with hands in pockets like that group. Why did coach lock his truck doors every single time he closed them. That officer should have called backed up and searched every person and vehicle that approached.

    • Bob White

      Sayeth the gamecock fan…

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      Your assumption is wrong. I am not a fan of any sc sports.

  • 19acf86a-3bae-11e1-b9bc-000bcdcb5194

    Are you serious? I watched a 15 minute video of the stop (dash cam) and didn’t see any of the ‘drug behaviior’ scene that your over-active imagination manufactured. I do agree that Swinney and his passenger should not have been allowed to exit the vehicle. Everyone knows that you don’t do that during a traffic stop. The officer gave him a lot of leeway by not insisting on it. He was very polite and respectful and Swinney was respectful in return ( other than not staying in his vehicle). The ‘circus’ that you described consisted of several passer-bys who shook Swinney’s hand and got one autograph on a framed jersey.
    The officer handled the stop very well, if perhaps a little too leniently. The problem is with his over-sharing on the computer, especially on the clock. That was extremely unprofessional. If this is his first instance of using poor judgment, though, it seems like firing him is a bit extreme.

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      I respect your opinion and know many people agree with you. However, I disagree. Certainly I can’t be the only person that saw things a bit differently. Both parties were somewhat decent, but in my opinion respectful is a stretch. I don’t recall seeing much interaction between Dabo Swinney and Officer McClatchy. From the video I viewed, it appeared to me that his brother assertively approached the officer declaring he was a former law enforcement officer and proceeded to take control of all communication with Officer McClatchy. Signing autographs was absolutely inappropriate. I do not consider that to be in any way respectful. Didn’t CTL post a video of a man getting shot approaching a cop during a traffic stop? Who else would be able to get away with behavior like these men? The arrogance Swinney exhibited was abhorrent and he should be extremely embarrassed he reacted this way to a simple moving violation. Or was he worried it could have become different kind of speeding ticket?
      The fans were asking for autographs. If that were the case, what does it say about the character and judgment of the “fans”? Who feels it is appropriate to belligerently interrupt a traffic stop for an autograph? What does it say about Swinney’s attitude and character for not advising his “fans” that it wasn’t an appropriate time? I saw a complete lack of respect for Officer McClatchy and the Law.
      Who called the Mayor? Why would anyone call the Mayor during a simple traffic stop? It is just a ticket, and if it is that easy to get out of paying, why was everyone so stressed and made it such a big deal? There was definitely something else going on. But that’s just my opinion.

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      Eveything is so literal these days, I need to specify, ‘he’ includes him and his cronies.

  • marine4life22

    The BI-LO manger called the Mayor and the Mayor wanted to interrupt the traffic stop to speak to the oghicer? about what ? Then coach complains to the Police Chief? The Internet posting by the officer was wrong, even if the Chief was aware but so were the actions of everyone else directly/indirectly involved. Firing the officer adds to the perception that the coach deserved special treatment.