He’s Ford Tough

Yep, he’s Ford Tough alright. None of us own a Ford and never will because of that particular toughness.

But this commentary isn’t about Ford vehicles. It is about the actions, firing and arrest of Kenneth Ford, formerly an officer with the North Charleston Police Department.

Based on news stories we have discovered Ford believed he was disrespected at the Airport Apartments at 5230 West Montague. Apparently this incident ate away at Ford and he returned later in the evening. He snatched up some fellow who, by all accounts, wasn’t even present during the earlier “disrespect” incident. Ford cuffed him up and hauled him away to a dark and quiet location where he allegedly slapped the fellow around and broke his cell phone while making comments about the dire consequences to be reaped from disrespecting the police. The victim was then released and told to walk home.

A complaint was filed, NCPD conducted an internal investigation and subsequently fired the officer and referred the case to SLED for a criminal investigation. Amazing isn’t it? The big, bad boogie man that is the North Charleston Police Department investigated and fired one of their own, then referred the case to the state cops for criminal charges. Hmm…..that doesn’t seem to fit with the image which the National Association Advocating for Criminal People and the Propaganda and Criminals put forth in their efforts to tar and feather the organization.

And speaking of the NAACP, where are they on this incident? We are pretty sure they were chomping at the bit to get their claws into this case. Wish we could have been in the room when they found out former officer Ford was black.

We also noticed the usual vitriol and hatred displayed by the Propaganda and Criminals seems to be missing from their stories on the case. We can imagine the editorial meeting now.

Editor: “Alright! Crucify these bastards!!
Reporter: “Um, sir, you might want to take a look at the mugshot of the officer involved.”
Editor: “Aaaarrrgggghhhh! Why couldn’t he have been white? Why? Screw it. I know we don’t do it often, but just write a straight news story on this one and let’s get past it.

Young officers are almost assuredly regaled with stories about the administration of “street justice” back in the day by older officers. Some of those stories are probably even true and the public might even agree the suspects got what they deserved. Younger officers need to realize those days are gone.

While the war stories may be fun to listen to, giving that suspect an extra punch in the gut or burning the driver’s license of a driver with an attitude then arresting him for not having one are no longer widely accepted practices. Helping that handcuffed child molester fall up the stairs might earn you some respect from the old timers, but it will definitely get you fired and arrested.

The wild and woolly cowboy days are over. The bulk of the public has come to expect their police officers to be more professional. Officers are disciplined and fired every day for things as simple as cursing at a suspect and hurting his feelings. Welcome to the new normal.

Ford’s actions cost him a career and a possible stint behind bars. His actions will also cost the taxpayers of North Charleston and the state. Any subsequent lawsuit, and you know there will be one, will be paid out by the State Insurance Reserve Fund. Ford does not have pockets deep enough to adequately compensate this victim for the violation of his civil rights so the City will be the defendant in the lawsuit.

Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14286592544253400054 Jenna Talbot

    You can’t act like a criminal just because you’re dealing with criminals, it only makes you one of them… Street justice is never fair, no matter how much someone had it coming…