Propaganda and Criminals Again

The official propaganda arm of the National Association Advocating for Criminal People, officially known as the Post & Courier, which we refer to as the outlet for Propaganda and Criminals, has a second hit piece on the North Charleston Police Department today. This one is titled, “North Charleston Police, residents clash over crime-prevention tactics“. The article was written by Andrew Knapp and Robert Behre.

The first paragraph tells us what we already knew. As recently as several years ago the City of North Charleston was consistently rated one of the most dangerous in the country when comparing the number of violent crimes to the overall population.

Most folks who paid attention in school know the story with statistics. Todd Snider even wrote a song about the subject. Take a few moments and listen to it while you continue reading.

There was an interesting note about those statistics which escaped the notice (and the reporting) of the local media who harped endlessly about those numbers. Most of that violent crime was perpetrated by thugs against other thugs. Those thugs happened to be largely dark skinned and most of those violent offenses occurred in places where dark skinned people congregated, e.g. black neighborhoods, black bars, etc. In other words, if you weren’t a thug and didn’t associate with thugs. you weren’t in a lot danger.

According to the folks at the Propaganda and Criminals and the National Association Advocating for Criminal People, our law enforcement officials should not increase their presence and activity in those areas. It is only logical to increase police presence in, say, Coosaw Creek, when a spate of violent crimes occur in Chicora-Cherokee and Ardmore. This is the ridiculous stance taken by the NAACP. Rather than decrying violent crime among those they purport to represent and taking steps to help prevent it, the organization chooses to attack those folks actually working to solve the problem. “Don’t look for black suspects. If a black thug shoots another black thug, go look for white people!!”

The writers of the article use inflammatory terminology like “incessant stops of motorists for minor violations”, “seemingly random interviews” and “virtual police occupation of neighborhoods”. These statements are geared toward goading the uneducated to a fraudulent anger. Let us clarify a few things.

Stops of motorists for minor violations are still stops for violations. Adding the word “incessant” does not change the fact that police officers can only conduct traffic stops for a violation.

“Seemingly random interviews” are what police officers do. The NAACP likes to push ‘community policing’ initiatives, claiming relations between police and the citizens are better when the community comes to know an officer who is assigned to work that area on a regular basis. The job of a police officer assigned to community policing is to get out of the car and TALK to the community. Apparently the NAACP and the Propaganda & Criminals folks forgot to tell the cops they weren’t allowed to approach and talk to random black people.

“Virtual police occupation of neighborhoods” sounds like a terrible thing. Unfortunately, it is the only tactic that works in areas like Dorchester Terrace, Waylyn, and Ardmore. As evidenced by the statistics from previous years, the lack of a heavy police presence in such areas allows violence to reign. This need for an occupying force also cheats the decent citizens. If you live in a decent neighborhood without a lot of crime, the response time of an officer to your call for help will be much longer because they are all in the black neighborhoods by necessity.

According to the Propaganda and Criminals writers the NAACP is complaining that those in poor black neighborhoods have the most contact with police. Well, of course they do. Those are the neighborhoods the violent thugs control. Those are the neighborhoods where residents either support and profit from the activity of the thugs or have to live their lives subject to the domestic terrorism the thugs inflict on a daily basis.

We give Mayor Summey and Chief Zumalt credit for telling it like it is and not buckling under to the National Association Advocating for Criminal People. They have said repeatedly the NAACP is “long on talk and short on solutions.” We would add they are lacking a desire to initiate their own efforts at preventive measures because they don’t bring in as many donations as their pretense of appearing to be aggrieved when some thug gets arrested or Tased.

And let’s talk about that Taser thing while we are at it. We remember a lot of news stories when Tasers were first introduced. The NAACP was delirious that police finally had a way to take down a black thug without an injection of lead traveling at thousands of feet per second. Then, when black thugs started taking rides on the lightning the NAACP got all indignant about it. Oh, the brutality!!

Let’s talk about some of the people the Propaganda and Criminals uses as examples of how horrendous the department is. Jamie Roper was speeding and got a ticket. Then he was violating a noise ordinance and got a ticket. Yep. We have been told repeatedly that black people who violate the law should be simply ignored by law enforcement. Dot “Free Pass for Negros” Scott even went to Washington, D.C. to push for that. We wonder if the thirty-six year old Jamie Roper in the search results below is the same thirty-six year old Jamie Roper in the article. Does Boeing do background checks?

“He probably didn’t think a young black male could drive a decent car without being up to no good.” Wow! Can you believe the Propaganda and Criminals printed that without some type of qualifier and then named the neighborhood officer, thereby implying he was a racist? We wonder if Officer Greenawalt is considering sanctions against Roper and/or the Propaganda and Criminals.

Next up is twenty-nine year old Tracy Davis who was stopped for a bad tail light which, she claims, had nothing wrong with it. She was only stopped because she was driving a flashy car. Would this be the record of traffic violation in Charleston County for Tracy Davis?

Tony Hodges of Houston Street was stopped for an equipment violation and got upset when the officer did his/her job and checked him for warrants, discovering a warrant out of North Carolina and locking him up. Too bad North Carolina doesn’t have their court records on line or we would give you a run-down of his criminal history up there. We will just settle for his litany of Charleston County traffic offenses.

Next up the NAACP tells us black folks shouldn’t be bothered by police because they have to pay fines. Only white people who live in homes with a value greater than, say, $80,000 should be made to pay fines. Black people on the lower end of the financial spectrum should be exempt from fines, even if they violate the law.

The poster girl for this mantra is Denise Frazier who got all depressed and felt picked on because she had to pay an $82 fine for violating her drivers license restrictions. If we were Denise we would be more depressed about all those arrests below for passing fraudulent checks. How unfair that people expect her to actually pay for things. She has an address in Ashley Shores, after all, and that area is economically depressed.

Poor Derrick Chavis had some problems with those evil po-leece while riding his scooter/moped. Let’s see how much contact Derrick has had with the police over the years. Just to see if there might be some resentment against the men and women in blue.

Yep. Derrick is a bit of a maggot and based on his continuous violations of the law we immediately dismiss any allegations he makes.

While researching this post we came upon yet another hit piece on NCPD by the Propaganda and Criminals titled, “Man tasered on way to buy juice“. Oh, good lord. This poor excuse for journalism was written by Robert Behre.

The photo for the article shows Christopher Gale, Ron Fishburne and Alphonso Chisolm and they want to be treated with respect. Let’s deal with them.

Christopher Gale has plenty of prior arrests for drugs. He currently has two charges pending for Financial Transaction Card Fraud. Officers know him. Any violation will result in him getting stopped. His actions throughout his life yielded this existence for him. Crying crocodile tears is just more bullshit. Here is a tip, Christopher. You should know it by now, but things go a lot smoother when you cooperate. Don’t kiss the cop’s ass, but don’t be a dick, either. Once you start lying to them and “ackin a fool” you can expect to get lit up. Life is hard, Christopher. It’s harder for stupid people like you. We probably should profile Christopher separately, but for now we will just put up the summary of his arrest record in Charleston County.

Alphonso Chisolm likes to smoke weed, crack and beat up women, as evidenced by his arrest for 2nd offense criminal domestic violence.

Well, what do you know. We couldn’t find a Charleston County record for a Ron Fishburne. Either he lied to the reporters about his identity or they actually picked out someone with no impeachable criminal record. It’s about time.

We were about to wrap this post up when we noticed yet another article written by Andrew Knapp titled, “Newcomer feared police stops, moved away“. Oh, brother.

Marieli Castro alleges she was harassed by some of those “incessant traffic stops”. She also admits she was guilty of the offenses, but those evil meanies at NCPD drove her out of Dorchester Waylyn, then out of the Midland Park area because they kept catching her violating the law. Evil, evil meanies. Stop doing your jobs!!! Now!!!

Charleston County’s case search site doesn’t show tickets or arrests which go to municipal courts, but based on the screen capture below we can tell NCPD wasn’t the only agency stopping Castro. She has a bad habit of not having proof of insurance in her vehicle. Tsk, Tsk.

To sum it all up, the “reporters” for the Propaganda and Criminals spent quite a bit of time seeking out “citizens” to voice their complaints regarding the North Charleston Police Department. Does anyone else find it striking that out of everyone named in these articles there was only one person for which we couldn’t find a criminal history or an excessive number of traffic violations? Anyone care to hazard a guess as to why that is? We’ll tell you. It is because the decent people who live in these thug controlled areas are afraid to venture outdoors long enough to talk to a “reporter”.

Alright folks. Have we spent enough time embarrassing the “journalists” at the Propaganda and Criminals? Have we made them look sufficiently ridiculous by revealing the truth about their “sources” for all of these scurrilous allegations? We think so. Now it’s time for a piece of chocolate cake. Yum.

Rest assured, when a police department rolls it’s little wiener out there and stomps all over it we will expose them just like we do everyone else. But when they are the victims of a coordinated attack by morons with an agenda we will also defend them.

Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • 19acf86a-3bae-11e1-b9bc-000bcdcb5194

    Good job. I did the same thing this morning after reading that ridiculous story. Every one of the whiners has a rap sheet. Can’t imagine why the PD is keeping tabs on them. Too bad the amateur ‘journalists’ at P&C can’t be bothered with 5 min of simple online research to discover that their ‘victims’ don’t have an honest testimonial to stand on. That rag is such a joke.

  • charleston333

    Thank you all so much for posting this stuff. I’m am so tired of the P&C being in bed with the NAACP. Their distorted sense of reality is infuriating and I’m so glad that we have now have a voice of opposition to their propaganda bulls**t. Keep up the good work. And remember, when a black person commits a crime, look the other way, that’s how we repay them for slavery…right?

  • Anon

    Great blog. Keep up the good work!

  • Robert Dixon

    well sir i think a lot of people ( black, white, and other) have tons of traffic stuff on his or her record i mean don’t they keep that stuff from 18 years old and out? Well in my case I have some traffic problems and that same officer that harassed Mr. Roper is the same officer I believed harassed me and if more people said something I’m pretty sure you’d find more complaints on PFC. Greenawalt. I was at a friends house in Ladson for about and hour and as I was leaving my friend warned me of the harassment in his apartment complex (Ashton Woods) but I paid him no mind because I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Pfc. Greenawalt was in the corner sitting in his cruiser my friend watched the whole thing from his window. I got in my car and started it, at the same time I could see the police cruiser starting up also. I made sure I was doing the speed limit out of the complex because there was a cop behind me and as soon as I turned onto hwy 78 he turned on his blue lights. Pfc Greenawalt approached my car and said ” I pulled you over because you had a faded sticker on my license plate” then he started to question me about if I had anything inside of the car. He also said that he seen the unopened beer I had in the car while he was doing his parking lot patrol. Why would a cop that watched me pull into the complex search my car when I wasn’t in it. I wasn’t playing loud music and I wasn’t in a flashy car. He claimed that there has been a lot of break ins in the neighborhood ( but he watched me park, get out of my car, and go inside my friends apt.) Now mind you yea those people have records and I have a traffic record also, but the car I was driving is registered in my fiance’s name that has no records so he couldn’t have known about my driving record by running my plates the only control in the situation is that I am a black male and I agree with you about the NAACP, to me they only show up when they know they can make headlines. I gave the officer permission to search the car (he found nothing ) so he starts to get angry he begins to vigorously search me and tries to put his finger in my Anus and I flinched, why did i do that, cause as soon as I did that he yelled at me, threaten to let his dog loose on me if i did it again and then he placed me in handcuffs and continued his search. He did not find anything. So who is wrong in this case sir?

  • Chas Thuglife

    First of all – if you have a complaint on an officer, this is not proper venue. You should have gone in and filed a formal complaint. The administrations do take that stuff seriously, you know.

    Second – a LOT of people have absolutely nothing on their records. They have managed to live a fairly clean life and not have a lot of interaction with law enforcement. Excusing the behavior those who do have continued interaction with law enforcement only enables them to continue their criminal lifestyle. Try ostracizing them once in a while.

    Driving records cannot be obtained by running your tag. At least not in South Carolina. In some states the driver’s license might be tied to the plate, but not in SC.

    If your sticker was faded enough it was not legible, then the officer had a basis for a stop. You need to complain about that to the highway department. We have noticed a LOT of those faded stickers as we drive around town.

    Do your friends have a history that involves, say, dealing narcotics? If so, maybe you should choose a better class of folks to associate with.

    • Robert Dixon

      thank you for replying so quick how do I file a complaint? and I thought that’s why you were exposing people’s records as a reason to justify the stops. If cops can’t see your record by running your plates then the only control in all these stops is that they are black people. and yes has had a questionable past but he is still my friend, he works a normal job now and I have always worked a normal job he has never been in trouble in that apt complex and he moved there with his sister cause he doesn’t have good credit so his name isn’t even on the lease so the cop couldn’t have known about his history either. again the control is race. the month sticker is as faded as anyone else is but you can see it very clear with your headlights. so do you believe the officer is in the wrong or not?

  • Chas Thuglife

    To file a complaint you must go to the department and provide a written statement. That applies to ALL departments.

    We take issue with your jumping to the ‘racist’ conclusion. It automatically causes people to discount anything else you might have to say.

    Face facts and look at where the crime is. Do you think the police are sitting behind the gates of, say, Coosaw Creek and stopping people for traffic offenses? No, they aren’t. Why? Because there really isn’t a lot of violent crime or drug dealing going on there.

    We expose thugs on CTL to point out the failures of the criminal justice system and to make people aware of who is making their neighborhoods unlivable. We don’t justify traffic stops.

    Without watching the video of the traffic stop (and there probably is one) we can’t tell you if the officer is wrong or not. Only you can handle that by filing a complaint.