Month – July 2012

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About an hour ago Charleston Thug Life cleared the one-million hits milestone. Not bad for a blog which began it’s run just one-hundred-twenty-two days ago. We would like to thank our readers and our dedicated citizen researchers. Without your contributions none of this would have been possible. While we may be the “typists” and the […]


We just heard County Councilman Vic Rawl on the radio. You folks in Charleston County did a fine job of electing an Obamacare supporting, gun controlling, mandatory helmet law nanny-state politician. And he is voting to take away the rights of business owners in unincorporated Charleston County. Why should they be able to determine whether […]


Internet connection has been down since the storm on Saturday afternoon. We will be back at it soon. Getting a lot of work done and sleeping a bit more, though.

Lance Perry – 00324695 – Lee Correctional

Lance Perry is yet another Lee Correctional inmate spending his time behind bars posting to his Thugbook account. He tried to hide from our citizen researchers by using the name “Anthony Jones (Dupeboi)“. Unfortunately for him his intelligence level won’t allow him to dupe anyone. We suspect he simply misspelled “dopeboi”. Perry is up for […]

Quinton Dewayne Wright

With the way gas prices have been killing us for the past three years we can all sympathize with Quinton Dewayne Wright stealing $1,000 in diesel fuel from one of those evil oil companies. Right? Have a gander at Quinton’s arrest record in Charleston County. Way to much for us to sort through, but feel […]


Hav u 3va had 1 a dem days ware u feelin sum typa way. Yestiday u was in a trig class and undastandin eerything, but now u dummed down ta tha IQ of a negro street thug. Dey be onlee won way ta fix dat, doe. Read dat Charleston Thug Life. Now that you have […]

One More Oxy Bandit Down *Updated*

The much maligned, but hard working, North Charleston Police Department rounded up an Oxy bandit and managed to save his worthless life in the process. It seems David Burkhead Abbot robbed the Walgreens pharmacy at Ashley Phosphate and Dorchester at knife point. He made off with a haul of oxycontin, ran home and promptly overdosed. […]

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