New Revelations in the Marley Lion Case

Readers know we posted the initial video of the Marley Lion murder yesterday. Today, a reader sent us  a link to a story at WCIV. That story included a closer view of the suspect’s initial approach to the vehicle. What it shows puts all doubt to rest.

Watch the video.

Watch the suspect’s approach and note the way he holds his right hand. It is apparent he is holding the firearm in a ready position. One or two seconds after reaching the rear driver’s side door the suspect brings up his gun and points it toward the window. That’s when Marley sets off the panic alarm. The suspect flees, only to return a moment later and fire into the vehicle in one of the most cold-blooded executions we have ever watched.

What revelation does this version of the video bring to light? The shooter KNEW someone was in that vehicle. This means he either watched Marley pull in and park, OR the first thug who ghetto-walked past the vehicle spotted Marley inside and relayed the news to his thug friends. A third possibility is a combination of these hypotheses. The crew of thugs spotted Marley pull in and park. When he didn’t get out of the vehicle they sent a thug to conduct a close-in recon of the vehicle to find out how many people were in there. Once he reported back and the cowardly shooter knew he wasn’t outnumbered or outgunned he moved in. When Marley disrespected the maggot by setting off the alarm and refusing to give up his property, the maggot ran. Then he realized he had to save face among his low IQ piece of shit pals and returned to exact his revenge.

Either way you look at it, that first ghetto-walking thug had something to do with this murder, no matter how much CPD tries to discount that fact.

Now, we will be waiting patiently to hear that the first thug has been snatched up by CPD.

Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • Unknown

    when i saw the video for the first time i noticed the perp’s right hand too. my initial thought was that he had a slim jim or similar device to break into the car. as he slides it into the door the alarm goes off and obviously at some point he realized that someone was in the back. of course, there is no question about what happened next. the only question is who.

    • honeybluntz

      the boys on facebook talking shit about doing WALK UPS several hours after the murder is your answer to WHO .. and if they didnt i know they know… WE NEED TO GET THESE BASTARD ASS THUGS OFF THE STREET BEFORE CITIZENS LIKE MYSELF START TAKING ACTION IN OUR OWN FUCKING HANDS.. IM TIRED OF LIVING IN A SOCIETY SO UNSAFE.. MY FAMILY CANT EVEN GO TO A GAS STATION AT NIGHT ANYMORE WITHOUT BEING CONCERNED. fuck these gang banging little bastards.. fuck putting them in jail.. put these little thugs in the ground where they belonged from the beginning.

  • Mac Leod

    That’s why I care so much about this. I have three sons. If I had to get the call that Marley’s parents got, you’d have to put me in the ground with my child. This was the most senseless, despicable crime I have seen in the news in a long time. The most DISGUSTING display of “what’s yours is mine and you have nothing to say about it”. In those pics of Ardmore Thuggaz, or whoever the h3ll they are, is a picture of Marley’s killer. ONE of them put 5 bullets in a boy for NO REASON AT ALL. If there weren’t some decent people in Ardmore that have to live like this because they don’t have the money to live better, I’d say to nuke the damned place. I will say this..if they leave even a MORSEL of a trail, I’ll find them. I might not know where they are physically, but I’ll figure out where the courts think they live, and where their POs can find them.

    • honeybluntz

      This comment has been removed by the author.

  • d5b013e4-c0ce-11e1-8c68-000bcdcb471e

    Coward. Fucking. Punk.

  • fedup inSC

    this is out of control and it needs to be stopped, like now. There are no longer any excuses for the AA community about being held down and not given opportunity. A large majority don’t father their children, refuse to work, milk the system, and are flat out nothing more than a burden on the productive normal people in society. I don’t care that your great great grandaddy was a slave. There are many AA people who have made the decision to not be a part of this downward spiral. Tim Scott is a perfect example. If he can do it so can everyone else. Quit slanging dope, get a job, work hard, be sincere… oh to hell with it. The majority will never come around.

  • lost1

    These guys who shot this kid need to pay ,but even if caught the type of punishment they wield will be nothing more than a 15 year slap on the wrist all while watching cable television at our expense . There is no doubt in my mind that the idiots who did this have prior violent criminal records and are probably serving probation for a violent offense as we speak . They are not in jail because the jails are to crowded and non violent drug offenders take up allot of wasted space in those jails. I also think that these little boys who executed Marley Lions are drug dealers which leads me do my next rant.
    Prohibition does not work. It never has ,and to think it ever will is a fantasy of grandiose proportions. Prohibition empowers thugs around the world from ,the Taliban , to the Colombian and Mexican cartels to the gangsters in the Ardmore subdivision. It sustains them and their behavior. It funds revolutions and terrorism around the globe. It also funds the fed’s? state’s war on drugs indirectly through the use of our tax dollars(nifty little gadgets and weapons and salaries for the never ending ,exhausting war on drugs). These agencies however like the funding so they keep the drugs illegal for there is no other reason in doing so.
    The argument for prohibition is basically to save one from one’s self , but prohibition certainly doesn’t do this. The same people who smoke crack are going to smoke crack if it is illegal or legal.An addictive substance is addictive whether it is legal or illegal ,alcohol and tobacco being prime examples . These drug addicts are not our problem, but the terrorists that are the drug dealer is .If you take away the black market profit from drugs you take away the whole drug dealing lifestyle and violence that goes along with it and that is a powerful blow to thugs around the world . Sure you might get the occasional zombie like bath salt taker looking for a meal ,but what you don’t get are the terrorists shooting children and gang drive- by shootings .Sure there will still be thugs but a stolen car part gang wields a lot less power than thugs of the multi billion dollar drug trade,thugs who can actually afford submarines. Imagine if cigarettes were made illegal overnight .The Mex cartels would be grinning ear to ear as would the pushers in our area.At least by ending prohibition we could regulate the worst of the criminals efficiently and effectively and idiots like Marley Lions killer/killers would either have rotted in a jail somewhere or at least unable to fund an existence sustained by prohibition which is the rope that ties these thugs together and hangs everyone else.

  • Justin

    We have to cut off their welfare/section 8 checks. It’s permanent retirement from birth for these people that’s sustaining them.