Month – June 2012

Stand Up Charleston Initiative

Update: We should have titled this post “Marley Lion Died – Joe Riley Lied” Several readers sent us a link to this news story regarding Mayor Riley’s and Chief Mullen’s “Stand Up Charleston Initiative”. We thought we would say a few words about it. You folks know we support our law enforcement officers in any […]

Velo Moya Man Identified

Self-professed drug dealer and Ardmore thug “Velo Moya Man”, who we profiled HERE, has been identified as Jeremiah Mitchell. Velo deleted his profile within minutes of being named the latest recipient of the Charleston Thug Life Trappa Welfare Program. His lame ass real profile is here. We don’t why he was a guest of the […]

Shon See Turner – Ardmore

“Shon See Turner” is another convicted drug dealer from the Ardmore neighborhood. His real name is Shon Torre Turner. He refers to himself as “a certified villian”. Like the rest of the thugs featured here Shon fancies himself a rapper. We listened to some of his stuff – don’t waste your time. He is the […]

Study the Mentality – Part IV

Edited: As per a comment, once we type “Shaleta Dawson” this will follow her around for the rest of her life. So – Shaleta Dawson. Here is what you are up against, citizens. Shaleta has most of the criminally inclined thugs we have featured on her friends list. She looks none too smart.

Marley Lion Video

CPD seems to be playing this one close to the vest. We understand the reasons for that – not showing your hand too soon, making sure you have a winning hand before you make the arrest, etc. A number of folks have contacted us with inquiries about enhancing the video footage. There are ways to […]

New Revelations in the Marley Lion Case

Readers know we posted the initial video of the Marley Lion murder yesterday. Today, a reader sent us  a link to a story at WCIV. That story included a closer view of the suspect’s initial approach to the vehicle. What it shows puts all doubt to rest. Watch the video. Watch the suspect’s approach and […]

Even More Ardmore

“Velo Moya Man” is back at it. Does this cryptic message make you think? We have heard some scuttlebutt going around indicating there may be a shortage of narcotics in certain areas of the Lowcountry. In this post we see Velo and “Hard Head” discussing a drought and how they have raised prices in response. Velo […]

Glenn Smith Takes a Victory Lap

We won’t bother linking to it, but Glenn Smith at the fish-wrap of record for Propaganda & Criminals gives himself a pat on the back for writing an article or two about SCDC inmates using the internet behind bars. He does this while reporting on the sadly flawed and insufficient new state law forbidding inmates […]

Unsolved Murders

Two recent murders, one in North Charleston and one in Charleston, remain unsolved. These cases stand out because the victims were not the typical criminals we have become so accustomed to seeing gunned down in the Charleston thug wars. Both of these victims were minding their own business when confronted by an element of the […]

Dante Antanio Pinckney

Dante Antanio Pinckney is being sought by the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office because he is a deadbeat “father’ who owes over $12,000 in child support. Really, why should brotha pay child support when the taxpayers are doing just fine paying for his churns? Dante Antanio Pinckney Pinckney supposedly had a job back in April. One […]

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