Month – May 2012

It Is Nationwide

An alert reader sent us this article from the Daily Mail in the U.K. Does anyone else find the lack of coverage by the American media disturbing? We are willing to bet if these two thugs had been the ones shot and killed by a ‘white-hispanic’ the story would be leading the national news for […]

Yet Another Shooting

Update: It appears our initial information in relation to the Tuesday night shooting may have had an error in the location. We are now hearing that the shooting Tuesday night and the shooting Wednesday night both occurred on Baxter Street. Still no news reports on the shooting we broke last night, but there was another […]

Wilton Quitman Greene II

A Moncks Corner officer was in the right place at the right time to intervene in a carjacking/kidnapping/armed robbery and arrest Wilton Quitman Greene II. We thoroughly enjoyed the part about using the patrol car to pursue the suspect fleeing on foot. It is always nice when a suspect runs smack dab into your cruiser. […]

Interesting Connection

After someone forwarded us the link to “LowCountry Cowards” we found this interesting tidbit. It dovetails nicely with some information forwarded to us about the activities of Dirty Dave Da Fly Guy that we are still checking out. Gotta love Thugbook!!

Driving the News – Again

Our daily review of the Thugbook Ghetto News Network revealed a shooting occurred last night in the Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood of North Charleston that the media either missed or failed to report. It seems twenty-three year old “De’angelo Big-d VanDross” of Calvert Street was shot as the result of some as yet undetermined type of altercation. […]

Driving the News *Updated*

We received a few tips this afternoon about a suspect shooting at NCPD officers in Forest Hills earlier today. Apparently the news media missed it. We are working on additional details. Update: We have received word from a couple of residents of Forest Hills. Whether shots were fired or not is still up in the […]

Here Is A Question

Here is another question we should all be calling and writing to ask our solicitors and bond judges. When these serial offenders are arrested, and re-arrested and re-arrested while they are roaming the streets on bond, why is there absolutely no effort to revoke those previous bonds? Here is another. When these serial offenders who […]

Winard Eady – Arrest Analysis

Winard Montez Eady is the third member of the federally indicted robbery crew we have been profiling. His adult criminal career began in 2007 when he was arrested for Distribution of Cocaine Base (Crack). He pled guilty to the lesser charge of 1st Offense Possession of Cocaine Base (Crack) on 26 February, 2009 and was […]

Christopher Donnell Simmons – Arrest Analysis

Christopher Donnel Simmons is one of the three thugs federally indicted for at least thirty-nine armed robberies in the coastal counties of South Carolina. His adult criminal history began in 1995 when he was charged with three counts of 2nd Degree Burglary and one count of Grand Larceny. The cases were disposed of February of […]

Raynard Eady – Arrest Analysis

Raynard Montel Eady, one third of the robbery crew just indicted federally, began his adult criminal career in 200. He was charged with Grand Larceny and pled guilty. He was sentenced to two years, suspended on one year of probation. Apparently had failed to show for a previous hearing and a bench warrant had been […]

Federal Indictments for Robbery Crew

During a two year period from 2009 to 2011 a robbery crew was working the coastal counties hitting Asian restaurants, loan offices and check cashing businesses. We remember the news reports and the extensive police efforts to capture these thugs. Now a federal grand jury has handed down federal indictments. According to the news report, two of […]

Justice for Kiron Jenkins

This comment was left on our Kiron Jenkins post by a co-worker of Kiron’s. We think it says everything that needs to be said. “I have worked with this man for the last 4 years. He worked his ass off, worked OT all the time. He was doing it the right way. He was a […]

Big Tay-Tay Still At It

Update: Well, when we make a mistake we admit it. We failed to notice the date on the post to the forum – April 9th. That was well before Tay-Tay made his appearance. Sorry about that Tay-Tay – we were wrong to accuse you of THIS attempt. “Big Tay-Tay”, aka Taylor Clawson, is still bombarding […]

Jamael Goodman – Leesville Murderer

“Jamael JGood Goodman” walked into the China 1 restaurant in Batesburg-Leesville, shot and killed his girlfriend, then killed himself. There isn’t much on his Facebook page except for the wall post warning what was about to happen. The warning was posted at about 10 a.m. this morning. The ensuing comments may be an indicator of […]

Dashawn Singleton – Ladson Area

“Dashawn Singleton” was brought to our attention by another Facebook page under the name of “LowCountry Cowards“, which purports to out snitches. Singleton was recently featured there. This, of course, piqued our curiosity so we delved a bit deeper into Singleton. We found he was advertising his chosen business on his Facebook profile so we […]

Brandon Peluso *Updated*

“Brandon Peluso” was arrested by the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office for running an internet ad to solicit sex with a child. In light of recent news reports about the molestation of children being advertised and traded via Facebook accounts we though we would feature him here. His Facebook account is locked up and has us […]

This Just Makes Us Angry

The black community won’t decry the violence being perpetrated by their thugs. They would rather shout “Free my nigga” from the rooftops no matter what he/she has done to someone else. The recent shooting at a Berkeley County ‘night club’ is another example of what is wrong in that community. Kiron Jenkins was shot and […]

Denzel Heyward & Dashaun Simmons

CCSO and other law enforcement agencies are scouring the Lowcountry looking for Denzel Marquis Heyward and Dashaun Livaughn Simmons. They are wanted for the murder of Kadeem Chambers and the attempted murder and beating of Jujuain Hemingway. Here are their photos. Heyward lives in the Dorchester Terrace area of North Charleston on Harvey Avenue. Simmons […]

We Hate to Say "We Told Ya So"……but……

*Update* – we need a decent mugshot of this thugette. The television image from the bond hearing won’t do. We did tell you there was more to the story of Jujuain Hemingway and Kadeem Chambers. Protestations of childlike innocence by their friends and visions of pandas and rainbows notwithstanding, we knew there were some inconsistencies […]

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